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It’s true that an education opens doors, but not everything is learned in school. You have to live, too. Fortunately, there are simple ways to finance your studies so that you can get the education you need without making too many sacrifices. What’s more, we’re here to help you avoid beginning your career hampered by debt.

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Making the transition from tenant to owner is a big step. However, you need to make sure that it’s done on a solid foundation. Unless you’re a financial “architect” like us, trying to make sense of it all can be difficult. If you need answers to all of your housing questions, we’ve got you covered. We may even help you choose the next colour for your living room!

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Freedom often involves both give and take. A set of wheels means no longer having to rely on your friends or family to get you around. That said, keep in mind that even the worst vehicle doesn’t come free (well, maybe, but that doesn’t make it a good choice for transportation). The first thing most people do is ask for a very long-term loan from mom and dad. If that doesn’t work out, drop by and see us. We can offer you all kinds of financing options for the purchase of a vehicle.

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They say that travelling broadens the mind. At UNI, we believe that, too. Whether you’re on vacation or taking a semester at the “school of life,” we have a backpack full of solutions and advice to help you in your travels. We’ll convince you that you CAN travel without breaking the bank.

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Do you dream of creating the next hit video game or launching your own line of cold-pressed organic juices? With some determination, creativity and a little help from UNI, your business plan may be more within reach than you think. To find out, just talk to us. Advice and financing are our business.

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The future seems a long way off and you feel that an eternity lies between you and your retirement. True, you have your whole life ahead of you. But how much money will you need to live well ... especially if you live to a hundred? Together, we can answer these questions and set up a plan to help you age gracefully.

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