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No-fee student account!

With no service fees during your studies, you can spend your
money on a trip to the cinema or lunch at the local café.

Enjoy the benefits of a no-fee account until you turn 25!

  • Unlimited transactions
  • Unlimited free Interac® transfers
  • No unexpected fees
  • Access your account anytime, anywhere, via My Profile on your cellphone or the web.

The student line of credit

A student line of credit lets you focus on your studies
and reduces your financial stress.

Peace of mind:

Student line of credit and peace of mind regarding:

  • Tuition fees
  • Registration fees
  • Survival expenses such as rent, clothing, groceries, transportation, etc.
  • Expenses on essentials like your computer and books.
  • Unexpected expenses like car repairs
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Tailored to your needs!

The amount of the student line of credit varies according to your studies and finances. In any case, don't worry: our lines of credit can easily adapt if your needs change.

Registered for two years

You could get up to


if you are enrolled in a college program of two years or less.

Registered for three years

You could get up to


if you are enrolled in a college program for three years.

MBA or Master's degree

You could get up to


University education

You could receive up to


if you are enrolled in a university program.

University education

You could receive up to


if you're studying accounting (CPA), chiropractic, or podiatry.

University education

You could receive up to


if you study law, engineering, pharmacology, veterinary medicine, or actuarial science.

University education

You could receive up to


if you're studying optometry or pharmacy.

University education

You could receive up to


if you study medicine or dentistry.


Find fast answers to your most common questions:

A line of credit is pre-approved credit. What can get people into trouble is treating it the same as money in their pockets. A line of credit is offered based on your needs, financial situation and ability to repay. In addition, you pay only the interest on the amount actually borrowed. For more information on student lines of credit, please contact us.

UNI offers lines of credit to students based on their field of study. Consequently, you need to meet with an advisor to identify the best option for you.

A line of credit is like a cushion always there for you to land on; although you don't want to have to use it, it's there when you need it. Used wisely, it can also help you build your credit. This makes it the perfect solution for meeting all your financial needs so you can focus on your studies with peace of mind.

Setting up a budget is much less complicated than you might think, and the benefits are enormous. A budget helps you to achieve your financial goals, identify your priorities, reduce your indebtedness, enjoy greater financial security and worry less.

First of all, you need to set financial goals that are achievable and motivating. Next, it's important to list all income and expenses in detail to help you establish an effective, realistic budget. Lastly, you need to compare your income and expenses and identify any necessary adjustments so you can reach your objectives.

Do I really need to start
a budget?

By creating a budget, you get a clear understanding
of your expenses, savings, and earnings.

Put all the odds in
your favor

Don't hesitate! Here's what we have to offer:

  1. Personalized advice
  2. The right product, according to your needs
  3. Appointment online or at a branch

Indispensable tools


UNI debit card

With its practical features, the UNI debit card offers you a complete solution for all your financial transactions.


My Online Profile

Whether you want to make transfers, pay your bills, manage your accounts, or view your bank statement, this platform gives you centralized access to all these functions.


Need a financial boost?

75 scholarships of $1,500 are awarded this year to
post-secondary students - WOW!


How can I participate?

You must complete the entry form available from February 12 to March 31 (only one entry is accepted).


Dates to remember

  • March 31 - deadline for entries
  • April - scholarship draw
  • June - winners announced
  • Mid-October - payment of scholarships

Eligibility criteria

  • Be a member of UNI Financial Cooperation
  • Be enrolled full-time in September in a post-secondary institution accredited by the Government of Canada (student).

The registration period is over for 2024

Tomorrow is just around the corner!


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