No-fee account

This account no-fee helps post-secondary students make regular transactions and build savings. Even if you're getting financial assistance in the form of a loan or bursary, it's possible to limit your spending and put money aside.

NO-FEE ACCOUNT for the entire time you're in school:

  • Unlimited transaction plan
  • Access your account anytime, anywhere via AccèsD on your phone or computer
  • Unlimited free Interac® e-Transfers

Student line of credit

It could be the missing puzzle piece you’re looking for.

The student line of credit is designed to meet your financial needs so you can pursue your studies with peace of mind.

We recommend borrowing as little as possible to avoid paying for your education until you retire!

The student line of credit can be used to cover:

  • Tuition
  • Registration fees
  • Living expenses (rent, clothes, groceries, etc.) and transportation costs
  • Books, school supplies, and computer equipment
  • Unexpected costs (car repairs)

Amounts available

* Obviously, certain conditions apply. The amounts indicated may vary depending on your financial situation and field of study and the duration of your program. After all, at any time, you can reassess your needs and we can readjust our offer.


Credit cards

The credit card is the perfect tool for simplifying a student's life and is an excellent way to build your credit. it can prove handy provided that you limit yourself to what you can afford. We have a variety of cards that are perfect for students.

Vocational training / college and university (including MBA and MSc)

  • Interest rate: 19.9%
  • Annual fee: None
  • Cash back: up to 2% on your purchases
  • Mobile device insurance

Card features you'll like the most

Cash back

Earn on your everyday purchases.
Travel Insurance

For the first 3 days of your trips.


Specific professional fields*

All-inclusive travel insurance.

  • Interest rate: 19.9%
  • Annual fee: Annual bonus in BONIDOLLARS for the first year. The equivalent to the annual fee of $ 110
  • Rewards program: 1% of your purchases in BONUSDOLLARS
  • Comprehensive travel insurance for up to 60 days

Card features you'll like the most

BONUSDOLLARS Rewards Program

Turn your purchases into trips, gift rewards and more.
Travel Insurance

Get comprehensive travel insurance.
Mobile Device Insurance

Protect your cellphone, smartphone or tablet.

* medicine, dentistry, optometry, actuarial science, engineering, pharmacology, law, chiropractic, veterinary medicine, podiatry or CPA accounting.



Are you a high school senior, postsecondary student or planning to return to school?

UNI offers the opportunity to earn a scholarship in the pursuit of your college or university studies.


Scholarships valued at $ 1,000 are awarded annually.

How to participate?

You need to fill out the online form available from January 15 to March 31 (only one entry is accepted).

Participate now

Dates to remember

  • March 31 - Application deadline
  • April - Scholarship draw
  • June - Announcement of winners
  • Mid-October - Scholarship disbursement

Eligibility criteria

Be registered as a full-time student in September at a postsecondary educational institution designated by the Government of Canada.

If you are the winner of a UNI Financial Cooperation scholarship, you will need to have an account with UNI for the payment of your scholarship.



Establishing a budget is definitely the smartest way to manage your finances while completing a postsecondary education as well as an essential lifelong tool.

Here is a budgeting tool to help you determine whether you have enough money coming in to cover what is going out.

My budget

Frequently asked questions


Here some links that can help with your financial education:

Tuition fees

On average, students in N.B. owe $30,000 at graduation it?s 27% higher than the national average of $23,700. The province ranks second in this regard, after of Nova Scotia ($30,700). Source: Statistics Canada


Lines of credit

A line of credit is pre-approved credit. What can get people into trouble is treating it the same as money in their pockets. A line of credit is offered based on your needs, financial situation and ability to repay. In addition, you pay only the interest on the amount actually borrowed. You can conduct transactions anytime via AccèsD. For more information on student lines of credit, please contact us.
UNI offers lines of credit to students based on their field of study. You consequently need to meet with an advisor to identify the best option for you.
A line of credit is like a cushion always there for you to land on; although you don?t want to have to use it, it's there when you need it. Used wisely, it can also help you build your credit. This makes it the perfect solution for meeting all your financial needs so you can focus on your studies with peace of mind.

Credit cards

It's the perfect tool for simplifying a student's life. It can prove handy provided that you limit yourself to what you can afford. It's also a good way to build your credit if you use it wisely and always make your payments on time.
It all depends on which card you choose. From cash back on your purchases to travel insurance, mobile device insurance or discounts, each card offers its own advantages. View the cards available.
Line of credit Credit card
  • Lower rate than credit cards
  • Linked directly to chequing account
  • An option in case you run short on funds
  • Flexible source of funds that is accessible anytime
  • Rewards system
  • No transaction fees
  • Use to make online purchases
  • Travel and mobile device insurance
  • How do I go about building my credit?
  • What factors can affect my credit rating?
  • What are the advantages of having good credit?
  • Is budgeting necessary?
  • How do I know how much I should borrow?
  • Why would having a credit card at my age be a good idea for building credit?


Do I need to insure...

Some landlords require that students purchase tenant insurance for their apartment. Even if insurance is not mandatory, it?s still a wise precaution against risk of fire or theft. The costs of such events can be devastating, making it important to be well prepared.
Whether life or disability insurance, arranging coverage for a loan provides protection in terms of releasing you from the financial obligations of your loan in the event of death, disability or diagnosis of a critical illness.

Student loan

The Government of New Brunswick makes various aid programs available to postsecondary students in the province, including student loans, bursaries and tuition relief. The following document provides all the information you need to be aware of and understand each of the programs and services offered by the government. Financial aid


Setting up a budget is much less complicated than you might think, and the benefits are enormous. A budget helps you to achieve your financial goals, identify your priorities, reduce your indebtedness, enjoy greater financial security and worry less.

First of all, you need to set financial goals that are achievable and motivating. Next, it's important to list all income and expenses in detail to help you establish an effective, realistic budget. Lastly, you need to compare your income and expenses and identify any necessary adjustments so you can reach your objectives.

Employment insurance

Yes! You may be eligible if you:

  • graduated from high school more than one year ago
  • are accepted into a government program for students
  • meet the general eligibility requirements for employment insurance*
  • are enrolled full-time in a postsecondary training program
  • For more information, you should meet with an employment counsellor in your region or click the following link: New Brunswick Employment Insurance (NB-EI) Connect Program

*Certain conditions apply, but it is possible to collect employment insurance while completing postsecondary studies.

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