Purpose and values of commitment

Together for the prosperity of UNI and its client members
UNI's purpose and core values are the pillars on which our business and actions are based. In fact, they express UNI's essential raison d'être in a very precise way. Our values of commitment, solidarity, responsibility and courage guide our actions and must light the way toward the achievement of the purpose.




Since 1936, UNI has been operating under the name Caisse populaire acadienne ltée. She differs from other provincial financial institutions due to their cooperative nature. The strong mission and values which are a result of this nature are adopted by its officers, managers and employees; they are evident it their orientations and enable the implementation of their vision for a sustainable prosperity among the communities they serve.

UNI’s will is to be close to citizens at the heart of all its actions. Thanks to its different distribution channels and to employees who really want to offer quality services, it can remain close to its clients and to the communities of which they are a part. Is this regard, always mindful of meeting increasingly diversified needs, it ensures equitable geographical distribution of its business locations and pays particular attention to all different methods of service delivery.

This approach is also consistent with its desire to ensure the vitality of our social, economic, environmental and cultural cooperative living for the exclusive benefit of New Brunswick citizens and business communities.

UNI is also characterized by the active participation of elected officials and in the decision-making structure of the organization through the board of directors and the 3 local Cooperative Committees.

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