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Delivery of products and services

The satisfaction of client members is a priority at UNI. We work hard to ensure that our service delivery and practices are fair, transparent and straightforward.

Delivery of products and services to seniors

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Senior's Champion Report

UNI Financial Cooperation (UNI) adopted a Code of Conduct (the Code) for the provision of products and services to seniors.

All employees, representatives, consultants, agents and other UNI intermediaries are required to abide by this Code, as well as UNI’s Code of Ethics, which sets out guidelines based on the principles of respect for clients, integrity and compliance with applicable regulatory legislation and policies.

UNI has created the following initiatives to embody the principles of the Code:

  • A Seniors’ Champion has been appointed. UNI’s Chief Compliance Officer is in charge of consumer protection and has been designated Senior’s Champion.
  • Contact information for the Seniors’ Champion has been added to the Complaint resolution section on uni.ca so that seniors’ concerns can be addressed quickly.
  • An information bank has been made available to staff to help them serve older members.
  • Mandatory training is offered annualy to raise awareness of seniors’ needs among staff who work with them.

Financial literacy
The uni.ca website has a number of blogs on a range of topics. Although they are written for all UNI members and clients, they’re a gold mine for seniors. Here are a few titles:

Products and services
To make transaction plan service charges more affordable for seniors, UNI gives clients 59 and over a monthly discount of $4 that applies both to the individual transaction rate and the fixed monthly rate on available plans.

UNI is committed to seniors’ well-being and recognizes their contribution to the community. We will continue to work to provide seniors with the quality of service these deserve.


Support program

Support program for communities affected by business location closures

We are very much aware that closing a business location is difficult for the community. As UNI is committed to being there with solutions and services adapted to the current habits of its members, here are a few solutions available to you.

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