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Account security with two-step authentication on My Profile

Update - July 19, 2024 

Why activate two-step authentication on My Profile 

This functionality is undoubtedly the best way to: 

  • thwart scammers;
  • enhance the security of your connection;
  • secure your banking information;
  • better protect yourself against identity theft.


How to activate this feature? 
Before activating this feature, it is very important to ensure that your contact information is updated on My Profile. 

Important! If you are a member and client of UNI Business, it is currently not possible to change your telephone number, which is a prerequisite for activating the authentication process. Please contact our Customer Contact Center at 1-888-359-1357. 

To successfully complete the activation process, follow the few simple and easy steps shown in these two tutorials: 

  1. How to update my contact information on My Profile?
  2. How do I enable two-step authentication? 

How does it work? 
Once the feature is activated, you will have access to this window – as an example – and will have to choose one of these two options:



If this option is selected, you will automatically receive a six-digit code at the telephone number shown in the box. You can request a new code if the first one has not been entered correctly or if the time limit has passed for your authentication. 



If this option is selected, you will automatically receive a telephone call from Microsoft (1 855-330-8653). The recorded voice message is the following: “This is Microsoft. If you are trying to sign in, press the pound key (#) to finish sign in.". As soon as this key is pressed, the connection to My Profile is instantaneous. The recorded voice message is the following: “Your sign in was successful.". 


Is this authentication feature secure? 

Absolutely. This authentication feature is a very secure authentication as it is adding an extra layer of protection for your login to My Profile.  


What are the benefits of this feature? 

The benefits are numerous. This feature provides an additional level of security for access to your accounts. It also allows additional protection against possible fraud attempts and enhances the security for your login to My Profile.


Can I disable this feature? 

Yes, you can disable this feature at any time from your personalized settings of My Profile.


What happens if I don’t activate this feature? 

If this feature is not activated, as of August 5, UNI may decline and not be liable for any damages, losses or liabilities to the member and client or any other person or user involved, where such damages, losses or liabilities could have been avoided by enabling two-step authentication. 


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