Account security with two-step verification

Verifying your identity using a code adds a second level of security to your account. We'll send you a single-use 6-digit security code to confirm your identity whenever you make certain transactions or changes to your My Profile account.

You can choose to receive this code by e-mail, text message or voice message.

When you receive it, you'll have 10 minutes to enter your code in order to proceed with your transactions or changes. If you don't enter the code, you won't be able to proceed. Do not share your code with anyone.

Note that for security reasons, messages containing codes will not include a link to My Profile.

2-step verification

Our 2-step verification process makes My Profile more secure, adding an extra layer of identity protection to your password.

Once the feature has been enabled, you'll need to use a single-use security code to log in. A new code will be sent to you automatically each time, either by text or push notification.

Why enable 2-step verification?

  • By adding a security code to your password, you'll have extra protection when you use My Profile.
  • It will give you better protection against identity theft.

How do I enable 2-step verification?

1. On the login page, log on to My Profile.
2. Click on your profile icon, then on the settings icon.
3. On the Settings page, in the Authentication preferences section, click on Manage your username, password and multi-factor authentication.
4. Click on 2-step verification.
5. Click on Yes to enable 2-step verification, then click on Continue.
6. Choose 2-step a validation method, follow the instructions and click Continue.

Once the security code has been confirmed, the feature is enabled. You'll receive a confirmation message.

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