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Key Numbers

With its 5.4 billion assets, UNI is the largest Acadian francophone financial institution. It includes, among others, 1 caisse, 35 business locations, 4 UNI Business offices, 15 UNI Insurance offices and 2 UNI Wealth Management offices. It has a citizen cooperative structure made up of 3 cooperative committees and 36 members.

We are a major economic player

While playing a leadership role on New Brunswick's economic chessboard, UNI Financial Cooperation is an important provincial employer and capitalizes on the skills of more than 1000 employees and the dedication of the 12 directors elected to the Board of Directors.

2022 in brief

UNI is a financial cooperative that focuses on the sustainable prosperity of UNI and its members. Since 86 years, UNI contributed to the economic stability of the communities in which it operates. Through its cooperative mission, it encourages and promotes citizen participation in a changing world.

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