Social Networks

UNI is delighted to be able to establish a dialogue with its members and clients on social media. In order to implement sound practices, we invite you to adhere to this code of conduct which will help us share our wealth and ideas in a safe and pleasant framework. We look forward to reading your comments and suggestions!

Our presence is based on three commitments:

  • Listen to our community;
  • Answer our members and clients’ questions;
  • Give our members and clients information on personal finance, the economy and the employment opportunities in our institution.

Note: These terms of use may be changed without notice.

The object of these terms of use is to offer total freedom of expression to all while protecting everyone’s integrity. The harmonious use of our different social media accounts require that you understand and accept these terms.

Beyond our rules and terms, remember that when you are using our platforms, you are also subject to the policies of every social network.

Finally, despite our willingness to maintain a close and consistent relationship with our members and clients, we are never entirely protected from technical problems. In such cases, UNI will not be held responsible, but will do everything in its power to re-establish dialogue with its virtual community.

UNI’s golden rule: respectful exchanges 

Even though all published comments only engage their authors, we are committed to ensuring that none of our platforms’ contents violate proprietary or confidentiality rights. Furthermore, UNI will not tolerate disrespectful comments, people who disrespect privacy and people who use somebody else’s identity.

We therefore reserve the right to delete comments, without notice, on the following grounds:

  • Heinous, vulgar, malicious, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, disparaging or seemingly defamatory comments;
  • Advertisement, in whatever form, including comments promoting products or services;
  • Messages that are published repeatedly or out of context comments;
  • Messages containing confidential information such as personal data;
  • Political comments from an individual or an organization whose purpose is to gain or exercise some power by promoting a number of established ideas.


Fair discussions among participants

Networking and cooperation are some of UNI’s founding principles. That is why you are asked to refrain from the following in order to be fair to all participants:

  • Having private discussions;
  • Making repetitive comments;
  • Making comments that are unrelated to our mission.


Language used

Being a francophone institution, UNI primarily uses French on its platforms. However, according to the profile and preferences of the web users we want to reach, our message may also be in English. We are proud of this bilingual position which allows us to exchange with our users in the language of their choice.


Protecting your personal information

UNI greatly values your right to privacy. Comments containing personal or confidential information, being of financial nature or not, that are published on our social networks will be promptly deleted.

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for the protection of your personal information on social networks. We advise you to never publish confidential information on our social platforms. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, always remember that UNI does not use its social networks to offer personalized financial advice.

You want to know more? Visit our Website at https://www.uni.ca/en/contact/.


Hyperlinks to other sites

You are free to include hyperlinks to other sites in your comments. However, since we have no control over which sites users are being redirected to, we take no responsibility for the contents of these sites or for the proprietary or confidentiality rights of these links’ contents.


Inappropriate comments

UNI does not tolerate these types of comments and we invite you to report them via a private message through Facebook Messenger or Twitter, or by e-mail at info@acadie.com.

If you want to make a complaint about a product or service, please follow the steps listed on our site at https://www.uni.ca/en/complaint/.


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