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Manage your assets

I want my accounts at my fingertips

It's easy with AccèsD.

You can view and manage your accounts, deposit cheques, change plans, do Interac® e-Transfers, pay your bills, build your savings, communicate with your advisor and more. Wherever you are, your banking information is always at your fingertips and your regular transactions are easy to do with just a few clicks.

Better yet, AccèsD is a free, secure, easy to use and available on all mobile devices.

I want to automate my payments

Pay your bills in a few simple clicks!

No more lineups and penalties. Online bill payment is a simple, fast and effective solution that saves you money. You can even authorize payment of your regular bills in advance and say goodbye to late fees once and for all!

Spend your time on the things that really matter, thanks to automatic payment!

I want to reach my goals

When it comes to personal finances, everyone has their own priorities.

Whether your goal is to ensure your family’s financial security, invest for retirement, make that special dream come true or reduce your tax bill, we’ve got a financial plan tailored to your needs.

Our advisors will be happy to work with you! They’ve got the expertise to help you manage your finances at every phase of your life.

I want to maximize my savings for the long term

Enjoying the good things in life has never been easier.

Restaurant meals, nights out, travelling, a new house or car - it's all within reach! And that’s all the more reason to be careful.Living to the fullest is great, but you need to know how to manage your personal finances!

Knowing how to save is the first step on the road to reaching your goals for retirement, postsecondary education or any other dreams you have. Are you familiar with TSFAs, RRSPs, RESPs and RDSPs? They're all tools designed to help you save while reducing your tax bill.

To find the best savings plan to meet you and your family's needs, talk to one of our financial advisors.

Other financial management tools

A debit card I can use worldwide

Paper money? It was already old hat five years ago—and it's even more the case today! When you open an account, UNI provides you with a debit card you can use anytime, anywhere, all around the globe! No more "Oh no, I forgot my money!"

And that's not all: with Interac Flash contactless debit, you can tap and pay for purchases of $100 or less without even inserting your card in the reader.

A credit card to fit my lifestyle

Our credit cards come with a host of benefits to meet your needs. Love to travel? Our Cash Back World, Odyssey® Gold and Odyssey® World Elite could be just what you're looking for. Prefer cash back? Look to our Student Cash Back and regular Cash Back cards. For full details on card discounts, reward programs and insurance coverage, talk to one of our advisors.

A tool to help me manage my budget

Our UNI mobile services app comes with the handy My Budget tool—a great way to help you manage your finances. This cool feature includes options for creating projects with specific savings targets, analyzing your spending and keeping track of your transactions.

Online investing with Qtrade Investor - the right option for me?

Got a knack for finances and an interest in investing in the stock market? Through its partnership with Aviso Wealth, UNI now offers online investing with Qtrade Investment, one of Canada's leading online brokerages. The Qtrade platform allows independent investors to buy and sell investments online to diversify their strategies.

Finance your projects

I want the best tools to finance my plans

Love the heat and dream of wintering in Florida?

Want to buy a boat so you can spend those summer weekends on the water? Thinking of starting a business instead of retiring right away? We all have dreams. No matter what yours is, UNI has the tools to help make it come true!

Financing options that help turn your dreams into reality

  • Personal loan: A personal loan is repaid in equal payments over a certain period of time. It's a simple and effective way to finance some or all of your travel plans.
  • Line of credit: If you're disciplined with your personal finances and want to manage your payments on your own, you can opt for a line of credit.
  • Credit cards: Credit cards aren't just a payment tool. Our cards come with all kinds of benefits to meet a variety of needs (reward programs, travel insurance, discounts), whether it's your first trip or your 37th!

If you opt for a personal loan or line of credit, think about taking out insurance. If something unexpected happens, credit insurance protects your financial and personal security and provides you with peace of mind.

Savings products that help you reach your goals

Planning ahead pays off! Use savings products like these to finance your projects without paying extra for interest on a loan.

  • Hop ‘n S@ve: Available on AccèsD and the UNI mobile services app, Hop ‘n S@ve is a great way to reach your savings goals. With a tool like this, planning an annual trip to Florida is a snap!
  • My savings plan: Designed for 12- to 30-year-olds, this tool features a generous fixed interest rate to help you reach your goals faster. There's a beach calling your name!
  • TFSA: A tax-free savings account lets you build your savings tax-free and use them when you want for that trip you've been dreaming of. Bonjour Paris!

I want to save for my children's future

If you have kids, you've probably given some thought to their postsecondary education.

Did you know that a year of university costs an average of $15,000? Housing, tuition, books and materials, food, electricity, cellphone, Internet—it all adds up fast! And that's without cost of living increases.

You can prepare your children's future and help them follow their dreams by establishing a registered education savings plan (RESP). An RESP allows you to grow your investments tax free to help finance your children or grandchildren's postsecondary education. What's more, you qualify for generous government grants that help build their education nest egg even more.

I want a house that meets my needs and those of my family

Your housing needs (and dreams) change as you get older.

At 18, an apartment's just the ticket. In your late 20s, you may be dreaming of a house of your own.And if you're nearing retirement, you might have your sights set on a waterfront cottage. No matter where you're at and what your plans, UNI can help you finance the home that's right for YOU.

Mortgages that match your needs and your profile

Whether you're looking for stable payments or to save as much money as you can, we've got a strategy to help you reach your goals.

Open or closed mortgage? Fixed or variable interest rate? One-year or five-year term? People's needs and circumstances vary, which is why it's so important to choose the option best suited to your situation.

A line of credit to help you finance your projects

Got other dreams? We've got the products to help make them come true. Like our Versatile line of credit, which lets you use up to 80% of the value of your home to finance projects that are important to you. Projects like:

  • Renovating your kitchen
  • Buying an RV
  • Travelling
  • Paying for your children's education
  • Consolidating your debts
  • And more

If you need solutions, we've got them!

Insurance that keeps you covered

Just bought your dream house or second home? Protect your investment with our life and disability mortgage insurance.

I want to simplify my debt payments

Every person?s situation is unique.

If you’ve got multiple debts and want to combine them into a single, easy-to-manage payment, debt consolidation may be the best option for you.

To consolidate your debts, you can apply for a personal loan:

  • Group all your debt in one place—with one payment.
  • Your new payment amount will be less than the total of your current payments.
  • Take advantage of potential savings on interest.

I want to finance other projects that are important to me

Here at UNI, there’s no such thing as a "small" project. We offer a range of products to help you meet your goals, no matter how big or small:

  • Personal loans: Borrow what you need to help bring your plans to life, and repay your loan in regular equal instalments.
  • Dealership loans: Car, boat, trailer - no matter what kind of vehicle you’ve got your eye on, dealership financing is available when you make your purchase.
  • Personal line of credit: Just the product you need if something unexpected happens.
  • Versatile line of credit: Get up to 80% of the value of your home to finance your projects.
  • Credit cards: A card that gives you cash back? A card with no annual fee? A card that keeps you covered worldwide with global travel insurance? We’ve got the card that’s right for you!

Advisors who can help you go that extra step

At UNI, we love helping make dreams come true. Contact our advisors to find out how to:

  • Pay off a loan without penalty
  • Avoid mortgage prepayment penalties
  • Finance your cottage using your home equity
  • Successfully plan a house purchase
  • Get the help you need to bring your plans to life

By working together, we can make it happen!

Protect your wealth

I want to insure my loans and lines of credit

Life is full of stressful situations—from late payments and wage cuts to injuries and serious illness. Not to mention those unexpected events that can force you to dip into your retirement fund, your kids’ education savings or the nest egg you’ve been setting aside for that trip you’ve been dreaming of.

That’s why spending a few extra dollars per month to protect your assets is worth it! With credit insurance for mortgages, personal loans and lines of credit, you can enjoy life today without having to worry about the future.

I want to protect myself and my family

Misfortune can strike any time, no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

Did you know your family’s finances could be at risk if you died? We leave behind financial obligations when we die: funeral expenses, debts to pay, lost of income for the family, and more. If you make monthly mortgage or car payments, for example, your family will be responsible for them after you’re gone.

You can save your loved ones from financial stress down the road by taking out insurance today to help protect them in the future.

Not sure you have the financial means or medical history to qualify for insurance? Don’t worry! Some insurance products don’t require any medical tests, while others allow you to pay less up front so you can enjoy valuable peace of mind.

Want to protect your loved ones? Ask about the options today.

I want to maintain my lifestyle

Your health is important to you.

But just because you take good care of it doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. Nobody’s totally protected against injury or serious illness—but your finances can be!

Injury or illness can have serious consequences for your mortgage, the lifestyle you and your family are used to, even the future of your children. Not to mention the extra medical expenses (and financial headaches) that health problems can bring! Fortunately, there are insurance products available to help you stay on track.

Better yet, some of these products can be customized to give you the coverage that best fits your needs. For example, you can get coverage for the illnesses you’re most concerned about, pick a policy that covers all your debts if something unexpected happens or buy critical illness insurance that only applies to certain loans—like your mortgage, for example. That way, if you get sick, your mortgage payments are all taken care of.

I want to prepare my estate plan

Estate planning is an important step in a person’s life. It’s a way to help ensure your children and grandchildren maintain their quality of life. That’s why it’s so important to carefully prepare for the transfer of your assets. Estate planning reduces the financial burden on your family and protects them going forward. It allows you to ensure that your final wishes are respected, and that your loved ones thrive and prosper.

Save for the future

I want to invest in my future

Whether you're dreaming of a home in the country, an African safari...

Whether you're dreaming of a home in the country, an African safari or a brand new convertible, you should be able to plan the kind of retirement YOU want. And it doesn't take a math degree to understand that the more you save and the earlier you start, the easier it will be to achieve your retirement dreams.

The key is to choose the option that allows you to save the most, based on your goals.

Registered retirement savings plan (RRSP)

Already dreaming of retirement? Have you thought about contributing to an RRSP?

With an RRSP, you build your nest egg and defer taxes until you start withdrawing your savings. And best of all, you earn investment income in the meantime, growing your investments as you go.

It's a good idea to contribute to your RRSP each year, so you might also want to look into our RRSP loan options. They're a good way to keep saving in times when you've got less cash on hand. Talk to one of our advisors for details on the tax benefits of RRSP contributions.

If your priority is to buy a home or go back to school, UNI gives you access to programs designed just for that. The Home Buyers' Plan (HBP) lets you withdraw up to $35,000 from your RRSP tax-free to use as a down payment on your first home, on the condition that you repay what you take out within 15 years.

As for the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP), it lets you cash in RRSP savings tax free to fund full-time studies. You can take out up to $20,000 over four years, as long as you pay the amount back into your plan within ten years.

Tax-free savings account (TSFA)

The TSFA - now that's a great option! A TSFA allows you to put money aside and grow your savings tax-free. Unlike with an RRSP, you can withdraw funds you've invested in your TSFA at any time, without penalty.

Whatever life stage you're at, you can use your savings how and when you want-for renos, travel, starting a business, planning for retirement. It's up to you.

Registered disability savings plan (RDSP)

Are you or a loved one living with a permanent disability? An RDSP is a savings too for people in your situation.

An RDSP lets you put money aside for the financial security of a person with a disability to help make their future more comfortable.

Maximize your savings and investments

There are many different products you can choose from to help make your savings grow:

  • Term savings (fixed-rate GICs)
  • Market-linked guaranteed investments
  • Mutual funds
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • And more

It’s easy to lose track! Just as with your retirement savings, you’ll want to choose the best investment option for your needs and financial goals.

To help guide your decisions, you’ll need to answer these questions:

  • What are the projects I want to invest in? Do I want to pay for my children’s education? Save up for travel? Make sure I can retire comfortably? Put money aside for a new home?
  • Are my goals for the short term or for retirement?
  • Am I a cautious investor or an aggressive one?

Your answers will determine what kind of investment products are best-suited for your life goals so that you can make the most of your savings.

Pro tip: whatever you do, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. As our investment advisors will tell you, nothing beats diversification!

I want a retirement that matches my vision

You’ve worked hard to save for retirement, so it’s normal that you want to make the most of it when the time comes.

It’s important to remember that when you turn 71, you will have until December 31 of your birthday year to convert your RRSP savings. You can choose from several options, depending on your financial goals, your life plans and the way you want to spend your money.

Maybe you’re eager to leave work behind and travel for a few months of the year. Maybe you love your job and want to ease into retirement gradually. Maybe you prefer to keep on working and postpone retirement until later. Then let’s talk! There’s an option for each of these situations.

Whatever your plans, our advisors can help you pick the best option for you, be it an RRIF, LIF, regular income term savings or something else!

I want to invest responsibly

Responsible investing lets you invest in portfolios that take social, environmental and governance issues into account without sacrificing your financial objectives.

UNI has a number of market-linked guaranteed investments and mutual funds for responsible investors. They’re a good way to grow your savings in a way that’s consistent with sustainable development (and your values).

Even more ways to save

Want to supercharge your savings even more to turn your plans into reality? Check out these other savings ideas:

  • Put your money in a high interest savings account
  • Create an online savings plan
  • Opt for My Savings Plan (for savers age 30 and under)
  • Invest in a TSFA savings account

Want to know more about the best ways to save and meet your financial goals? Contact one of our advisors.


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