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5 good reasons to become a School Caisse member

Posted on Friday October 05, 2018

5 good reasons to become a School Caisse member

It’s never too early to learn how to be smart with money! For more than 75 years now, the School Caisse program has been helping children achieve financial independence by teaching them the importance of good money habits and saving.

This program is run in cooperation with schools, so children can deposit their piggy bank savings without having to go to a business location. And as places of learning, schools are the perfect setting to teach children about personal finance.

Here are 5 good reasons for you and your child to take part in the School Caisse program.

1. Expanding their financial vocabulary

Introducing children to different financial concepts requires a good understanding of the related vocabulary. Teaching them about money, deposits, withdrawals, savings, credit, economics, consumption, interest, salary, loans and goods and services helps them grasp key facets of how our society works.

2. Learning the value of everyday goods and services

Does your child think money grows on trees? It can be hard for them to understand the value of the goods and services your family consumes. The School Caisse program teaches them how to place a value on concrete things like candy, toys or clothes, and more abstract ones like going on a beach vacation or adopting a pet.

3. Making responsible financial choices

Children learn to make choices once they understand the value of goods and services. Learning not to want something simply for the sake of having it, and carefully choosing what to buy to avoid wasting money, helps them become more aware of the value of their precious savings. The more children understand how much a piece of meat or fish costs and what it means to throw it away, the happier they’ll be making do with only what they need.

4. Fostering good saving habits

It takes years to learn how to manage money well, so why not give your kid a head start? Learning how to manage money begins with opening a first bank account, setting a savings goal (a new video game or a nice Christmas present for Mom) and making regular deposits to you achieve your goal.

Your child will be able to watch their savings grow at AccèsD School Caisse. By taking part in this process, you will foster a sense of commitment, responsibility and independence.

5. Enjoying a no-fee account with interest payments from kindergarten to grade 8

The School Caisse program is available throughout New Brunswick and is designed for children from first grade to grade 8. It’s a no-fee account with a higher monthly rate of interest than regular accounts. To open an account for your child, choose one of these two options. Make an appointment at a UNI business location or begin the opening process online and finish up in person at the location.

Read the educational guide for tips on how to help your child navigate their adventure with money! Watch the fun and educational videos on our page and stay tuned for new learning tools that will be available in 2023! Feel free to contact a UNI advisor if you have any questions.

Opening a School Caisse account for your child puts them on the road to greater financial independence and broadens their horizons. It teaches them to take responsibility and adopt good habits. Learning to save pays off and motivates them to keep going.

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