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Careers of the future: Where will the hot jobs be?

Posted on Friday December 06, 2019

Careers of the future: Where will the hot jobs be?

In 2030, do you think we’ll be using banana peels to power vehicles like in Back to the Future? Whatever the case, the future of our world probably lies somewhere between our imaginations and reality. Read on to learn more about the occupations of the future: jobs that will be created in response to new challenges in society.

Technology jobs reaching a crossroads

In recent years, automation, globalization and technological achievements have led to creation of a platform from which society can continue to advance. More than 85% of jobs created between now and 2030 haven’t been invented yet, according to a 2018 report published by the Institute for the Future and Dell Technologies.

A number of traditional occupations that can be automated nowadays will make way for new professions focused on development of technologies and artificial intelligence. According to the report The Talented Mr. Robot, no less than 712,000 jobs will be created in Canada on this basis over the next 10 years.

Planet Earth hiring: Green jobs rising

Working for sustainable development

More than 300,000 people across Canada are currently employed in the environment sector, which continues to post steady job growth. Sustainable development—continuing to advance, build and grow while also protecting our resources to maintain the long-term viability of our environment—is key to the future of our economy (and our world, when it comes down to it!).

In Fredericton, the company Siemens has assembled a team of skilled experts dedicated to the development and distribution of software for operating the energy-efficient networks of the future. An environmentally responsible organization whose ranks include many young engineers, it develops solutions in sustainable energy, smart infrastructure and health while also promoting advances in manufacturing processes for a variety of materials and finished products.

Today’s environmentalists, tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

Do you feel torn between your entrepreneurial spirit and your pro-environment side? Keep in mind that going green in business is a major trend. Some people assume that investing and targeting growth and profit are anti-environment by definition, but the many fast-growing companies out there that have incorporated respect for our planet and its health into their practices are proof that the two mindsets are entirely compatible. Turn your dream business into reality!

- School transformed into a leading-edge vegetable farm

At a former school in the village of Saint-Léolin, New Brunswick, an entrepreneurial couple is moving forward with an ambitious vertical farming project. Using special LED bulbs, they will soon begin large-scale production of fruits and vegetables. Their business is set to create 20 or more jobs, and their entirely computer-controlled operation is sure to interest many young people.

- Going green in the accommodations industry

Does the term “green tourism” mean anything to you? Showcasing the stunning scenery in Haut-Shippagan through offerings combining nature with luxury accommodations: this is the ingenious idea behind the young Acadian company Cielo. Taking advantage of ongoing interest in “glamping” (luxury camping), Cielo offers unique experiences in lavish comfort that are also respectful toward the environment. Their efforts are showing results, with a number of other businesses, including a coffee house, bar, microbrewery and bakery, also starting up activity on-site.

HR jobs: Maintaining the human approach

In our age of smart devices and artificial intelligence, what happens to real contact with others at work and in our personal lives? Although it has undergone inevitable change, the human resources sector remains necessary and firmly grounded in human interaction.

Ethics in business: Philosophers wanted

The occupation of business philosopher is set to experience strong growth over the coming years as companies seek help fulfilling their social responsibilities and giving meaning to their actions while also stimulating creativity and teamwork among their employees. In a world where the focus on performance, profitability and the compartmentalization of skills continues to grow at a bewildering pace, making the time to foster one-on-one exchange and deep reflection is becoming more meaningful... and essential.

Being part of change: Contributing to HR reform

Do you want to help effect change? The dizzying breakthroughs in information technology over the past decade have had dramatic impact on the human resources and communications sectors. Many organizations today find themselves in the position of reviewing their systems and approaches.

The rise of the independent worker

Why work at the same desk for years when you can reinvent yourself every day instead? Over a period of a few years, you could try out several different occupations and build a rich skill set as a self-employed worker!

According to a Dell Technologies report cited in the blog Mode(s) d’emploi, technology and task-specific knowledge will be changing so rapidly by 2030 that labour needs will be constantly evolving. Rather than knowledge itself, it is the capacity to acquire new skills that will be most important. As a result, many people will be changing jobs regularly and having to quickly learn new roles. Open to relocation, fast learners, adaptable: independent workers will be veritable nomads!

Working remotely, yet closer than ever

Instagram and video games are not the only online platforms where you can interact in real time with people around the world! Breathtaking progress in information technologies has also led to the emergence of teleworking. People can now conduct research in leading-edge sectors working closely with professionals around the globe while still sitting in their living room in their slippers... or on a Florida beach!

Travelling and being able to work where, how and when we want: this is what teleworking—whether independently or as an employee—has in store for the society of tomorrow. Audrey Favre, a New Brunswick-based translator, uses her blog, “Arpenter le chemin,” to document her life as a digital nomad travelling extensively around our province and the entire world.

The future wouldn’t be the future if we knew exactly what it was going to look like. Whether your focus is the environment, technology, marketing, management, travel or a little of everything, picture your work and personal projects of the future with confidence and follow your curiosity. After all, the future is yours!

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