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Choosing UNI for Your Mortgage: Guiding Values and Competitive Rates

Posted on Tuesday January 22, 2019

Choosing UNI for Your Mortgage: Guiding Values and Competitive Rates

Is your mortgage coming up for renewal? If so, then now is the ideal time to ask yourself some good questions. Is your bank providing you the service you deserve? Could you do better elsewhere? What if you could enjoy better service AND a better rate while also dealing with an institution whose values are aligned to your own? Here are 3 excellent reasons for switching to us.


Competitive 5-year fixed rate

As interest rates sneak upward, many New Brunswickers have decided to trade in their variable rate for a long-term fixed rate. At UNI, we offer the stability you need with a competitive 5-year fixed rate. Did you know that a difference of even a few tenths of a point in your rate could translate into thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your loan? Make an appointment with a UNI advisor today or go to to find out more.


$1,000 cash back

UNI is much more than just a bank. We've been active in communities across Acadia for many years, and our main objective is to promote the economic prosperity of our clients right here in New Brunswick. We aren't dictated to by shareholders just seeking to make money! And as a gesture of thanks for transferring your mortgage to us, we're offering $1,000 cash back. Use it any way you like, whether to start those home renovations, take a trip (our recommendation 😊) or contribute to your RRSP.


Cooperative values for a fairer world

The quality of our service reflects our commitment to the communities that have watched us grow. In addition to supporting dozens of organizations, UNI is:

  • 1,000 employees supporting our citizenship objectives
  • 3,000 business owners who believe, as we do, that true growth is when everyone grows together
  • 155,000 clients who share and support our cooperative values
  • More than $4 billion in assets
  • $50,000 redistributed every week back into the communities we serve.

The time is now for making the switch and experiencing the UNI difference. 

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