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E-commerce and digital marketing: The best online strategy for your business

Posted on Friday July 31, 2020

E-commerce and digital marketing: The best online strategy for your business

When deciding to start a business, there can be a long list of actions and decisions crucial to its successful development. Where do you start when you’re thinking of setting up an e-commerce site? Here are four steps to building a solid e-commerce website.

Step 1: Determine who your competitors are

There’s a lot happening online! Since its beginnings in the late 1990s, e-commerce has been growing steadily. It’s a huge platform where your piece of the pie can grow quickly if you take an active interest in analyzing your competition.

E-commerce market research

Whether or not your business has a proven track record, creating an e-marketing component requires a well-established plan. Market research is essential to propel your service or product into the modern age.

Begin your analysis by clearly identifying your competitors, as well as their marketing positioning, customer base, communication strategy and market share. To stand out from the players already present in the market, establish communication initiatives that distinguish you from others online and promote your brand’s competitive advantages.

Step 2: Determine who your audience is

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” To reach the most potential customers, present yourself to a specific target audience you have put some thought into. Ask yourself the following question: “Who are my target customers?” The clearer and more defined your audience is, the more you will be able to communicate directly with them. Use the results of your competitive analysis to distinguish your target audience from that of your main competitors.

Age range, occupation, education, income, consumption habits, geographic location, values and interests: take the pulse of your existing and potential customers. Your strategy will be orchestrated around those findings.

Step 3: Invest in professional services

You only get one chance to make a good first impression! In the world of online sales, putting things into perspective is essential. You’ll win by getting started in e-commerce with a strong offer and brand image.

Surround yourself with a qualified team

You reap what you sow in business, whether it’s digital or traditional commerce. Deploying the means necessary to build a successful website and engage in successful social networking activities is an investment, not an expense. By surrounding yourself with experts you trust and who know the market requirements, you’ll be able to determine together the investments needed to launch your e-commerce business.

DIY in the digital era: A risky bet

Digital marketing is a complex and growing industry that’s constantly evolving. If you opt for a rudimentary, self-designed or homemade website, chances are its returns will reflect your investment. In a fiercely competitive environment, stand out with the right digital tools when it comes to public visibility.

Take advantage of good financial products

Investing and exposing yourself to the risks of tackling new ventures can be dizzying. With the right financial products, the support you need to carry out your project will allow you to boost your business whether it’s just launching, growing or expanding. Take the time to evaluate your needs and have your financial advisor guide you along the way.

Are you uneasy about going it alone? One thing at a time. If you don’t feel ready to take on the creation of an independent e-commerce site on your own, you may want to consider partnering with a group of businesses. Explore the possibilities of online partnerships. Many groups are currently emerging, including NBMade, part of the Excellence NB group that showcases local products in the form of a virtual shopping mall. This is an opportunity for small businesses in the province to make themselves known on a larger scale, according to the newspaper Infoweekend. (Article in French.)

Step 4: Choose a marketing agency

A marketing agency puts your entrepreneurial vision into words and images, so pay close attention to this choice! By forming a partnership with an agency that reflects your vision, you ensure that your brand is presented to consumers in a smart way that’s in line with your values and ambitions.

Be inspired by websites you like

Scan the Web and look for e-commerce websites that you like, both visually and editorially. Select the ones that correspond to the online presence you want and contact the agency that created the site. To do so, you can search for information in the legal notices, display the source code or simply send an email to the site manager.

Find partners near you

Yes, technology allows us to communicate today with people all over the world, but nothing beats the enjoyment of exchanging ideas in person! If you feel more comfortable with a local contact, a local service will allow you to discuss your needs with more confidence. Google the e-commerce agencies near you and ask them for references of websites they’ve developed.

How to evaluate and improve your website’s performance

Putting your virtual marketplace (or business) online is not the finish line; it’s a starting point! Having a long-term vision in a world where rules are changing and the competition is becoming tougher means diligently maintaining your website and presence on social networks by constantly updating them.

Optimize your content with SEO (search engine optimization)

Performance: a word that takes on its full meaning online. Like an athlete who does whatever it takes to win, use strategies to optimize your presence, improve your positioning and stand out from the crowd in search engines.

SEO is crucial for increasing and maintaining traffic to your website and driving your online sales. Ask your agency for a customized SEO plan.

A container is good, but content is better!

As nice as it may be, your website must first have content that will allow you to shine online. The content published on your website is a key component of your positioning—its quality and richness will greatly influence your SEO.

Analyze your performance with Web auditing

How is your online presence doing? To determine the health of your website and develop a continuity plan, a Web audit is extremely useful. By taking stock of your strengths and weaknesses, this performance analysis will help you take action and achieve your long-term goals.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so—as exciting as it is—your project deserves your full attention. By taking the time to strategically place your online chess pieces by surrounding yourself with experts and fully committing to the long term, you will position yourself nicely to win!

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