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How can you make your life easier during the summer season? By managing your finances online!

Posted on Tuesday July 16, 2019

How can you make your life easier during the summer season? By managing your finances online!

We all could use additional time in our day, whether it’s to run errands, prepare meals, take the dog out… or perhaps go to the beach, play some volleyball or hit the town with friends! Waiting in line at the ATM is one thing we can all do without! Thanks to the financial services available online, it’s now possible to conduct almost any transaction from the comfort of your own home or cottage, or even while you’re on the road!

Paying bills online: fast and easy

Paying your bills at the ATM or the counter may be convenient, but paying your bills online is even quicker!

  • Simple and fast: You can pay your bills from anywhere in a few clicks on your computer, tablet or smartphone without having to go anywhere.
  • Efficient: Most payments are instant, making it easy for you to avoid penalties or late fees. You can even automate certain payments by scheduling them in advance.
  • Economical (and eco-friendly!): Paying bills online eliminates the need for envelopes or stamps. You can also avoid having to order more cheques or make unnecessary trips in the car!

And you can pay almost any bill online, including telephone, power, Internet, cable, credit cards, tax accounts and more. Through personalized bill payments, you can also pay for a multitude of services, from landscaping to accounting.

Interac e-Transfer®: simple, secure and instant

Picture it: you attend a concert with a new special someone. The music is excellent, the conversation is flowing, and you seem to have plenty in common—things look promising! After the show, you want to reimburse them for your ticket, but when you reach for your wallet, all you find is an empty pocket. No problem: simply offer to send them an Interac e‑Transfer using an agreed-upon password.

  • Simple: All that’s required is an account and a mobile phone number or e-mail address—you don’t need to share your banking information.
  • Instant: The funds are available as soon as the recipient accepts the transfer.
  • Flexible: You can schedule transactions in advance, whether one-time or recurring (recurring transactions are, for example, a great way to automate rent payments to your landlord).

UNI recently eliminated the additional $1 fee on Interac e-Transfers. This means that like other transactions, you can now transfer money without any increase in your monthly fees.

All plans at UNI include AccèsD service at no additional charge. Do you have questions about setting up or using your account? Contact us at your convenience, whether in person or by phone or e-mail. We’ll be pleased to answer your queries and help you make your first transactions!

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