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Jannah Malone: Turning a love of horses into her life's work

Posted on Tuesday December 10, 2019

Jannah Malone: Turning a love of horses into her life's work

Have you ever dreamed of living on a ranch and slipping into your denims in the early morning hours to ride around your property on horseback? Jannah Malone used to dream about this as a child, and her father’s legacy helped her turn it into reality.

We spoke recently with Jannah Malone, named Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2019 by the Memramcook Chamber of Commerce.

“Daddy, can we get a horse?”

Many fathers have heard that request, but not many have followed through. In addition to the significant financial investment, owning horses is highly time-consuming and requires many sacrifices. But Steve Malone, himself a cowboy at heart, decided one day to help his daughter pursue her dream.

He had soon built a stable on the family’s property in the beautiful Memramcook area. The father and daughter baptized the project Crazy 8 Stables in recognition of the card game they often played around the table after supper. Sadly, not long after construction was completed, the farm up and running and horses in the stables, the cowboy of Memramcook and doting father fell ill with cancer. He lived long enough to enjoy one wonderful final year with his daughter and other loved ones. Then, hardly a teenager herself, Jannah was suddenly left to make her way on her own.

Taking on major responsibilities while still a child

On her father’s passing, young Jannah inherited the family farm. With the support of her mother, stepfather and those around her, the 13-year-old entrepreneur began pursuing her dream.

“As a teenager, my life was obviously very different from a lot of other people’s,” Jannah recounts. “I lost my father too soon, but I was also so fortunate to have known this amazing man who made it possible for me to live my dream life. The horses really helped me get through my loss, and I just immersed myself in working with them. My love of horses, being able to continue pursuing my father’s dream, and the incredible support I got from family and friends gave me the strength to keep going. Today I’m living in my father’s house on our farm with our horses, and it makes me so happy.”

In her role as owner of a small business, Jannah looks after everything from caring for the horses to giving riding lessons to day-to-day paperwork.

Jannah explains, “And since I don’t have any employees, I have a lot on my shoulders, but I’m lucky because I also get a lot of help from my family and friends.”

Finding peace in the great outdoors

When we ask Jannah what makes Crazy 8 Stables different from other horseback riding centres, she is quick to mention the welcoming atmosphere and sense of tranquility that reigns on her ranch. “Getting in touch with nature and the horses is so relaxing. Children feel comfortable immediately—for them, it’s like a second home! And while they’re riding, their parents can take the opportunity to just sit and read a book or explore the stunning property on foot. People often tell me that it’s so clean and tidy here. I imagine they also find that relaxing!”

The perfect backdrop for special events

Although most clients make use of the farm for riding or boarding horses, Crazy 8 Stables is also available for other activities. “We’ve been hosting children’s birthday parties and summer camps for a while, and we even hosted a beautiful wedding (check out the gorgeous photos!),” reports Jannah. “I get regular requests to host business retreats, family events and even a dog show! As a result, we’ve started designing a second stable.”

Expansion work is consequently underway. With this second building, the property will be able to accommodate twice as many horses in addition to offering a multipurpose room upstairs for events. A new, large (60’ x 120’) arena also means that Crazy 8 will be able to offer more riding classes on a year-round basis. The work should be completed this winter.

Getting a way from it all for a few nights to recharge

When asked where she sees her business in a few years, Jannah has a clear vision in mind. “I’ve never considered starting up more centres like this one. The energy here is unique, and I would rather keep my company on a human scale. However, I’d love to be able to offer “glamping”-style accommodations. Then my guests could come stay for several days at a time to take advantage of all the site has to offer.”

By chance, Jannah knows Émilie Leblanc of Glamping Cielo personally, because they both grew up in Memramcook. Instead of small futuristic domes, however, Jannah pictures small rustic cottages that blend in with the other buildings already on-site.

Growing a company in New Brunswick today

When it comes to the challenges of starting up a business in New Brunswick, Jannah reports that she has received nothing but support. “The Memramcook Valley is a fantastic place. I’ve always felt supported by other people here and their sense of pride in seeing a local girl going after her dream. I depend mainly on word of mouth for advertising, and my business is growing thanks to ongoing support from my community.”

Jannah Malone was this year’s recipient of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award of the Memramcook Chamber of Commerce. “If I could, I’d share this award with everyone who’s helped me get to this point! To me, it’s recognition of a huge collective effort.”

Jannah’s enthusiasm is as inspiring as it is contagious. The next time you’re in the scenic Memramcook region, be sure to drop by to visit this beautiful riding centre and its serene setting.

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