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Meeting the challenges of student life with the right financial products

Posted on Monday August 19, 2019

Meeting the challenges of student life with the right financial products

Summer is coming to an end, and the school year is fast approaching! You want your new term to get off to a good start, so here are some ideas to plan your budget properly and build financial strength using tools that are tailored to your reality.

Moving out and becoming independent

Many New Brunswick students try to reach a degree of financial independence by moving out of the family home and renting their first apartment. But even with a good financial outlook and an airtight budget, all it takes is one bad surprise to derail everything. Using financial products that provide a bit of security, such as UNI’s student line of credit, you can get the stability you need to enjoy the highs (and weather the lows!) of the tenant life.

Enjoying "the best time of your life" without stressing at the end of every month

Everyone agrees that your school years are one of the most stimulating and rewarding parts of your life. You have memorable encounters, your interests broaden, you have your first adult experiences, you discover passions that will stick with you for the rest of your days… It’s a busy time that’s best enjoyed free of financial worries. Even if you get a job to control your debt, having a “safety net” will let you focus fully on this important period while reducing your stress.

Ditch the hot dogs and go for fruits and veggies—you’ll feel a lot more chipper!

Studying can keep you so busy that you constantly eat on the go without taking the time (or learning!) to cook. It’s convenient and inexpensive—fast food and empty calories are often cheap and highly accessible. But try using a tool like the budget calculator to assess your actual needs and plan for, among other things, the cost of eating healthy. A balanced diet will help you look and feel better and more energetic. You want to be at your best to ace your exams, right?

Buy a computer that works (it’s a must!)

Laptops are an essential tool for modern students. Have you been putting up with your old laptop’s glitches, 15-minute battery life or hour-long boot-up sequence for a while now? (Sure, your mother used it during her own studies, but you want a tool, not an heirloom!) A student line of credit gives you the opportunity to work on a high-quality, reliable device that’s tailored to the needs of your program. Ultimately, that money is an investment for the future!

At UNI Financial Cooperation, our approach is based on listening to you and achieving YOUR goals. You could have access to a line of credit of up to $275,000 depending on your field of study and financial situation. Make an appointment with your advisor today. Happy back-to-school season!

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