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March Break: Planning Now to Get the Most Out of Your Week

Posted on Friday January 25, 2019

March Break: Planning Now to Get the Most Out of Your Week

March Break is the best week of the entire winter for many New Brunswick families. Parents take advantage of this week to spend some quality time with their children away from the daily school routine. Many people also look on the week as an opportunity to recharge their batteries before tackling the last (and often the toughest!) part of winter. Whether you decide to stay at home or hit the road, here are some interesting options for a relaxing March Break week!


Option 1: Organize a family "staycation"

There are always a million things we wish we could do with our children that we don't have the time for during the school year. Now is the time to take out that list.


  • Sports: Winter offers countless opportunities to get moving. Timeless classics: downhill or cross-country skiing, skating, hockey, snowshoeing or sledding. New trends: fat biking, ice climbing (check out spectacular Walton Glen Gorge!) or kite winging (using a kite while on skis or a board to power across snow or ice, two things we have plenty of in New Brunswick!).
  • Leisure activities: Visit your local museum or municipal library, see a concert or other live performance, go to Skyzone or Get Air in Moncton; from the circus to magic shows, activities abound in communities across our region.
  • Games at home: This is the ideal time to binge on the board games everyone got for Christmas! And don't forget classic card games or guessing games (if you speak French, have you tried ). If you're not really the indoor game type, then bundle up and get outdoors. Building a fort with your kids (following this advanced technique) will make you the coolest parent on your street.
  • Household activities: It is indeed possible to do the laundry or even a renovation project with your children AND have fun at the same time!


Option 2: Take a family trip

Many families travel on March Break as a matter of tradition.


  • Sun destination. Winter may be the perfect season for outdoor recreation, but it's also a time of year when our bodies start to crave more sun. A trip down south has become an annual custom for many New Brunswickers. If you travel, reserve in advance for the lowest rates, and consider going through a travel agency to benefit from the recommendations of a seasoned travel counsellor.
  • Visiting relatives. Do the grandparents live hours away? A family visit could create some cherished memories while also giving you a change of scenery (it always does a person good to get out of the house for a few days!). People also tend to spend more time outdoors when they're away from home (and taking a mandatory break from the PS4?). For example, check out the full calendar of activities being organized in Caraquet for March Break 2019!
  • Escape to the cottage. Whether your family cottage or a short-term rental through Airbnb or another site, cottages make a great getaway destination. They also typically cost less than hotels since you can prepare meals "at home" instead of eating out at restaurants. Don't forget to bring some games or reading material for the drive there!


If you're like many parents, you may not be able to take the week off with your children. Don't panic! You still have options. Could bringing in a house sitter (like a teenage neighbour who could use some pocket money) create some possibilities? Regardless, there's always something you can do to make the week special, like organizing theme nights (going to the movies, playing a board game, etc.) with the kids after work.

Have a happy and safe March Break!

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