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Protecting you is our priority. We're adapting to serve you better!

Posted on Thursday July 16, 2020

We're stronger together. The COVID-19 crisis reminds us of the importance of the values of cooperation and mutual assistance that are so dear to UNI. Pandemic or not, we're maintaining the quality of service and climate of trust necessary for the sound management of your financial affairs.

Marie-Michelle Haché, Member Services Manager at our Shippagan business location, has an update for us on the health measures adopted to protect your health and that of our employees as we brave this storm.

Handwashing, disinfection and protective equipment

We've always been concerned about your well-being. Ms. Haché is quick to reassure us that the measures taken at her business location are in line with government recommendations. “Regular handwashing and physical distancing have become central to how we organize the work in our business locations. Distance indicators have been installed and hand sanitizer is available at all times.

“Surfaces are diligently disinfected, especially those that our client members may come into contact with. In addition to the essential tasks performed by our custodians, an employee is assigned to clean service counters and ATMs between uses during business hours. Preventing the spread of the virus is a team effort!

“Protective masks, visors, plexiglass—our employees are equipped to serve you even when distancing isn't possible. They're also asked to fill out a daily health questionnaire so that potential symptoms can be detected as soon as possible.”

Maintaining the same level of service: A human approach despite the distance

For every problem, there's a solution. While the constraints of the pandemic have a significant impact in a customer service context, there are ways to allow for a more human approach.

Faced with this challenge, Ms. Haché explains how the cooperative has rolled up its sleeves. “We're stepping up our efforts to offer personalized help that respects health guidelines. Assistance at the ATM did not seem to be possible with social distancing... until we discovered the usefulness of a handheld laser pointer that could guide client members during their transactions. And then there's UNI AssisT, our virtual business location, which has a toolbox to help you manage your finances at any time without having to go anywhere.”

We need human contact, now more than ever

“We communicate with our client members to explain the measures we've put in place and we welcome them with a smile outside our business locations. It's a great opportunity to reduce stress and get to know each other better. At UNI, we like to put the human side of finances first, and this pandemic is creating more opportunities to do just that.”

Safety, work-life balance, and working from home: structures that protect employees

Good service is all about the strength of the team. According to Ms. Haché, the quality of the experience at a business location is largely a matter of the employees who work there. “Their well-being and health are top priorities. Policies during a health crisis are therefore designed to be as accommodating as possible—flexibility and support are key! Management has taken the lead by quickly deploying devices for working remotely, an experience that most employees have loved and want to continue after the crisis is over.”

Support for our employees who need it

“Employees who are more vulnerable are assigned to tasks that don't require contact with clients, thereby reducing their exposure. To limit the harmful psychosocial effects of the crisis, our employees have access to a service that allows them to quickly contact a doctor, social worker or psychologist and obtain the services of a professional quickly and free of charge.

“As for our managers, they have a clear protocol for detecting suspected cases of COVID-19 in our teams and acting decisively to limit the potential spread of the virus.”

All of these measures have been taken to ensure a safe environment and the high quality of service that our client members are used to. “We've gotten pretty good at evolving and adapting. The current health crisis shows how important it is to work together in our community to limit the consequences and get back on track.”

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