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Before you sell: Choose the renovations that add value to your property

Posted on Monday September 28, 2020

Before you sell: Choose the renovations that add value to your property

That’s it! You’re overcome with the desire to change your surroundings and move! Whether you’re thinking of selling your home soon or in a few years, some renovations could really increase the value of your property. Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, floors, painting or staging, we’ll take you on a home tour to determine the best projects to undertake.

The kitchen: Everyone’s first stop

It sparks excitement and debate—what would a house be without the kitchen? Often, one look at it makes or breaks the deal. This key room so closely scrutinized by potential buyers is generally the space that’s most popular and used by the residents, especially today when we’re cooking and eating at home more than ever before.

Cabinets: The gateway to any kitchen

Even before you set foot in the kitchen, the cabinets make a first impression. If yours are stuck in the 1990s, consider giving them a makeover. Look at the various cabinet models on the market—prefabricated or custom-designed—and call on the services of a kitchen specialist if you also want to change the layout.

Cupboard doors: Restore them rather than tearing them out

Don’t underestimate the power of attraction of your wooden cupboard doors. They have a classic look and can be transformed. Some sanding, a few coats of paint and new pulls and knobs are all it takes to freshen them up.

Backsplashes and counters: Contemporary options at a glance

There’s nothing superficial about your work surfaces. Replacing the backsplash or countertops instantly gives a luxurious and modern look. There’s no need to choose marble or quartz; beautiful ceramic alone can create a very striking effect.

Faucets and an island: Accents for efficiency

Some details can make all the difference! Changing the sink’s faucet for a simple contemporary model adds a nice look to the kitchen and avoids having to invest a fortune by replacing the entire sink. Adding a mobile solid wood or steel island makes up for the lack of food prep space while giving the room another dimension.

Whatever you do, opt for a classic design that will stand the test of time and neutral colours that will appeal to the greatest number of people. Choose materials that offer the best value for money to get the most out of your investment. After all, this is your ultimate goal!

The bathroom: Freshness and radiance

The bathroom invites relaxation and inspires beauty and calmness. Make your master bathroom as attractive as it is soothing. Without embarking on a major renovation by moving the toilet, bath or shower, think about how to harmonize the room’s different components.

The vanity: A key element in your bathroom

To brighten the room, concentrate on its centrepiece: the vanity. A light-coloured model with simple lines will lighten the décor in a clever way. Wait for sales and take the time to find that rare pearl.

Light fixtures, faucets, floors and storage: When everything comes together

No need to break your piggy bank to install new lighting in your bathroom! Garage sales and flea markets are great places to find unique and affordable light fixtures. As for faucets, wait for sales and buy a simple model that will complement the rest of the room. For the floor, replace cracked or gaudy tiles with classic ceramic or vinyl covering. Even more affordable and easier to install than ceramic tile, vinyl has come a long way from grandma’s kitchen!

To please the eye, declutter the counters by adding a storage cabinet, cover the walls with a fresh coat of paint and add a few carefully chosen accessories.

A completely new look thanks to a coat of paint!

The essentials may be invisible to the eye, but when you want to sell your house, you only have one chance to make a good first impression! Repainting the entire house inside and out may be necessary to turn on the charm for visitors. The good news? It’s fast, efficient and economical!

Choose lighter shades that reflect light. Colourful blinds and walls with well thought-out accents will complete the look.

Storage: A tidy home is attractive and desirable

A place for everything, and everything in its place. When you find a complete set of dishes in the closet, you may wonder what’s under the bed! One of the most frequent comments heard during house showings is indeed about the lack of tidiness. Make sure that everyday items like shoes, dishes and towels are kept organized and tidy.

If space is limited, install modular storage systems in the home’s closets, add cupboards in the basement and in rooms without closets, and install shelves on the walls, but without overwhelming the space.

Floors: An investment that is anything but flat

Because they are abused and trampled on all day long, your floors require special attention. A house with wood floors will not need a complete makeover; sanding and refinishing them is all that is needed. On the other hand, the carpet may have to be removed and replaced with real wood flooring, good quality laminate flooring or ceramic tile. If some of the tiles or boards on your floor are lifted or broken, don’t forget to repair them.

Energy-efficient renovations: Keeping up with the times

Renovations and saving the planet go hand in hand! For example, insulating doors and windows, a low-cost project, conserves heat and saves a lot of energy. Electricity bills are interesting data for potential buyers, so this work is worth considering.

Even if installing a heat pump, smart thermostats or energy-efficient lighting represent a substantial investment, these add real value to your property. If your budget allows you to do so and you plan to stay in your home for awhile, check out the Government of Canada’s list of energy-efficient upgrades.

The only sure thing when you’re renovating is that you can’t be sure what you’ll find! If you decide on start and end dates, they are often postponed. We’re here to support you in staying on track with those exciting plans to enhance your property. You’ll be more relaxed when the time comes to strip the wallpaper when you take advantage of one of our personal loans, credit lines or home mortgage credit lines.

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