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Is it raining in your bedroom? It's time to renovate!

Posted on Monday October 07, 2019

Is it raining in your bedroom? It's time to renovate!

Do your windows let fresh air in even when they’re closed? Does your roof leak even after the rain stops? Do you need a home office? It’s time to renovate. Here are some good reasons for expanding or reconfiguring your home—your most important investment.


Organizing and right-sizingyour home to suit your needs

A variety of situations could require making changes to your living space:

  • Your teenager wants to relocate to the (still) unfinished basement.
  • You find out that your “child #3 project” has suddenly turned into a children #3 AND #4 project
  • The garage has become too tight a fit for your car AND kayak AND bikes (road, mountain, fat...).

The good news is that with a UNI renovation loan, you can go ahead with that expansion project without having to cancel your vacation or suspend your cable right at the start of the hockey season.


Keep an eye on the value of your home

Although some renovations are less “exciting” than others, they can help maintain your property value—and protect your financial health—over the long term.

Leaking windows not only let cold air in during the winter, they potentially let rain in that can rot your walls. When the time comes to sell a home that’s been neglected over the years, a person can cover up certain things with paint and nice furniture, but the house will inevitably lose value when the pre-sale inspection is conducted.

Exterior cladding, the roof, doors and windows, the electrical and heating systems and the foundation all need to be maintained regularly and renovated when (or ideally before!) they reach the end of their useful life. Overlooking these essentials can be a costly strategy. The UNI Versatile Line of Credit is one excellent way to finance a major investment in your home.


Smart upgrades pay for themselves

Do you have a dream kitchen project in the form of 60+ pics on Pinterest? Would your ideal bathroom grace the pages of a design magazine? Then it’s time to take action and put your interior design skills to work! Your project could offer excellent return on investment, since an effectively renovated home (especially in the kitchen and bathrooms) is likely to sell faster and fetch a higher price. And if you plan on living in it indefinitely, think of the enjoyment you’ll get out of it regardless! A UNI personal loan helps you move forward with your project immediately with hassle-free financing.


Renovating: Stressful but rewarding

No one has conducted a study yet to prove that renovating makes a person happier, but the sense of pride and pleasure that comes from personalizing your own living space certainly provides good incentive for doing it! With proper planning (especially on the financial front), you can transform your home to suit your lifestyle in a way that meets your needs and wants at the same time. It’s a win-win for you and… you!


The importance of protecting your loans

Prevention is the wisest approach to minimizing risk. At UNI, we’re happy to guide you in identifying the best strategy and selecting the credit insurance product that’s right for you.

With our credit insurance products, you can ease an unnecessary burden knowing that whatever happens (death, disability, critical Illness), your loan, line of credit or mortgage will be covered.*


Talk to a UNI advisor about the best financing solution for you.


* Certain restrictions apply.

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