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School Caisse: Helping your children save for Christmas

Posted on Tuesday October 15, 2019

School Caisse: Helping your children save for Christmas

The School Caisse for your children

The magic of Christmas lives in your children’s eyes, especially as they get older and realize that it’s even more rewarding to give than to receive. Help your children save money so they too can know the joy of giving gifts! Depending on their own skills and preferences, here are some suggestions for jobs they can do to earn money to set aside in their School Caisse account.

Activities that get them moving

We’re always trying to get our children up off the couch. To motivate their savings efforts, propose tasks that will get them moving while also helping them earn a few dollars (depending on the time of year of course!):

  • Walk the family (or the neighbour’s) dog after school
  • Rake leaves and help prepare your yard for winter
  • Offer snow-shovelling services to neighbours

All of these physical activities will get their blood pumping while also boosting their entrepreneurial spirit.

Intellectual activities

When it comes to finding things to do, variety is the spice of life! Encourage your children to also do activities requiring mental effort.

  • Help a brother, sister or friend with their homework
  • Organize a tournament involving their favourite board game (with a small prize for the finalists)
  • Prepare for a trivia competition

The possibilities are endless—and knowing that your children have their own pastimes and interests, they are bound to come up with ideas of their own!

Social activities

Whether or not your children need to have a lot of friends around, stimulating their social skills is always good!

  • Babysit for neighbours
  • Organize an end-of-season garage sale
  • Help a grandparent run errands

Of course, all parents will have their own rules and limits. You can decide where you want to put the emphasis when conveying your values to your children.

Creative activities

Exploring their creativity is great for children’s self-esteem! Try coming up with some artistic activities to encourage them to let their imaginations run wild. Who knows? They may develop a passion for the arts at the same time.

  • Create Halloween or Christmas decorations using recycled materials
  • Design jewelry and sell it at low prices (perhaps by setting up a table in the driveway one Saturday morning)

Once again, talk to your children, who are sure to have some ideas of their own. You can then help them determine which ideas will be financially viable.

Talk with your children about saving money and wanting things

Money is a highly personal subject. Naturally, as parents, we want to teach our children to make wise choices, but everyone is different. That being said, one thing never changes: the less we spend, the more we save. Children consequently have to learn to evaluate their wants. When they want a new t-shirt or an iTunes card, you can remind them that even if they have the money to buy it with, they could probably do without the item (and do their bit for the environment at the same time).

Encourage your children to enjoy the feeling of a job well done and to learn that money is something to be earned rather than growing on trees. These are sound principles that will guide them through all aspects of school and life! Whether athletic, intellectual, social or artistic, the income-generating or group activities that your children choose will be both financially and personally rewarding in addition to helping them reach their goal of giving out their own gifts this Christmas!

To educate your children about saving and encourage them to adopt responsible financial behaviours, consider enrolling them in the School Caisse.

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