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A new stage of life, new financial needs - we're with you when it matters!

Posted on Monday August 05, 2019

A new stage of life, new financial needs - we're with you when it matters!

Are you enjoying your summer to the fullest after kissing high school goodbye? Or did you go straight from the classroom to your summer job to build up some savings before entering university or college? At UNI, we know the financial challenges of being a young student and we’re here to support you, no matter your situation.

Is your car making a weird noise (which youre trying to ignore)? Time to get it fixed!

Like many students, you’re probably relying on your old car to get around during your studies. It’s a big province, after all! Although this car has been pretty reliable since you bought it, it’s been making a suspicious noise lately that just won’t go away… Were you planning to keep going for a while before you bring it in for repairs (especially if your finances are tight)? Well, with UNI’s line of credit, you’ll have access to the money you need to get those little problems fixed before they become big ones. It’ll definitely be nice not having your car break down in the middle of the road this summer!

Is your couch older than you? It may be time to change it!

Living with roommates, you can pool your finds and hand-me-downs to furnish your apartment. But if your roomie with the awesome couch ends up moving out to live with their girlfriend, you can use the UNI student line of credit to help buy the essentials. That way, you won’t have to take out a fixed-term loan and spend years paying it off.

Is your textbook list two pages long? Don’t panic!

Whether you’re enrolled in an accounting program at Université de Moncton or studying to become a medical secretary at the CCNB’s Campbellton campus, you may be surprised by how many textbooks you need to buy. The good news: older students are looking to resell some of the books you need, which is an easy way to save money. Still, even at a fraction of the price, school supplies are a big expense. UNI’s student line of credit lets you check everything off your list at the start of the term, even if you don’t have the full amount on hand to pay for it right away. You can pay it back at your own pace.

Get advice from someone who understands your reality

UNI’s advisors can help you through this next stage of life by planning all your needs with you, helping you with your budget (try our “What’s my financial situation” calculator) and offering you the right financial tools for your new situation. Our approach is based on listening to and working towards YOUR goals. You could have access to a line of credit of up to $275,000 depending on your field of study and financial situation.

Our advisors are there to answer your questions at our business locations or online. See all the details on the student line of credit and our other financial products.


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