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UNI and Operation Red Nose: Getting into the holiday spirit safely!

Posted on Monday December 02, 2019

UNI and Operation Red Nose: Getting into the holiday spirit safely!

We’re all known by the company we keep, and it’s only natural for people to support causes closely aligned to their core values. At UNI, mutual assistance, responsibility, a sense of duty, protecting those we love, and community self-reliance are the beliefs that we hold dear. Partnering with Operation Red Nose couldn’t be more logical.

About Operation Red Nose

Like so many successful initiatives, Operation Red Nose had a beginning as unlikely as it was inspiring! In 1984, Jean-Marie de Koninck, a mathematics professor at Laval University and head coach of a swim club, was looking for an original way to raise funds for his team.

One day, he heard a radio interview with a bartender who explained that many customers at his place of work ended up driving home at the end of the night instead of taking a taxi because they didn’t want to have to come back the next day to pick up their cars. Knowing that statistics at that time showed that more than 50% of fatal crashes were caused by impaired driving, de Koninck came up with an idea: he’d get his 25 swimmers to offer motorists who’d had a few drinks to drive them home in their own vehicle.

Needless to say, that first campaign in 1984 was a success, and the program has since expanded across the country. Today, Operation Red Nose continues to provide its services to numerous communities across New Brunswick.

UNI and Red Nose: Working together for our communities

This year’s Operation Red Nose slogan, “A call that goes a long way,” reminds us all of how far we have all come together and the many volunteers who’ll be striving to get people home safe this coming holiday season. UNI has actively promoted this safe ride home service available in many New Brunswick communities since its earliest days.

Contributing in more ways than one: Volunteering and financial assistance

UNI’s commitment to Operation Red Nose translates into donations of both dollars and time. Besides UNI’s financial contribution, its employees are encouraged to take part in events and get involved to help the organization continue to thrive and grow year after year.

Interested in helping out this year?

Visit your nearest UNI business location to get a volunteer application form. You’ll be joining a fun-loving team and performing a valuable service for your community at the same time!

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