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UNI helps entrepreneurs make their dreams come true

Posted on Monday October 15, 2018

UNI helps entrepreneurs make their dreams come true

It all started at a mall in Dieppe. That's where the dream was born. At the very place where Dr. Joseph Savoie, a dentist by profession, had been running his clinic for over 30 years. Shortly before the lease was about to expire, two new partners, Dr. Jeoff LeBlanc and Dr. Kevin LeBlanc, joined his practice, and very quickly came to the same realization: it was time for Champlain Dental Clinic to move on to the next chapter. We wanted to have a clinic that reflects the services we offer our patients, recalled Dr. Jeoff LeBlanc.

Once their aspirations were clearly established, the most crucial decision had to be made: choosing the right partner to finance the project. There were many suitors, given the clinic's reputation and longevity. In the end, they chose UNI Business. They were attracted to the numerous financing programs for entrepreneurs, and they appreciated the fact that they were provided with some of the most competitive products and services on the market. They were also amazed by the full range of easy-to-use and effective management tools made available to them. Although UNI Business boasts an impressive list of benefits, all three partners admit that the human factor is what tipped the scale for them.

In the present case, it was important to understand that the dentists' project was intended to profit not only them, but the entire Dieppe community. UNI Business understood this, and the offer they made was unmatched by any other financial institution. Champlain Dental Clinic needed a partner that shared their vision, and it wasn't long before they knew that UNI was the one.

That's how they came to occupy the three-story building in Dieppe, a stone's throw from their old stomping grounds. What they learned from their success story is a clear message they want to share: there is no need to go to Montreal or Toronto to get high-quality services. Businesses can get them right here in New Brunswick.

UNI is there for us, and not just right now, shared Dr. Kevin LeBlanc, who is full of praise for the financial partner. We have other projects in mind, we're young! he added with a smile. With Champlain Dental Clinic's projects supporting the community's well-being, it seems certain that UNI Business will continue to stand behind them? Literally! Right there, in the heart of Dieppe.

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