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Direct Deposit/Withdrawal Service

With the Direct Deposit/Withdrawal (DDW) service, automatically receive your salary, make bill payments to service providers, receive payments and much more.

Ideal if you have a certain number of employees and want to make managing your providers easier.

Save time and money

Direct deposit

  • Simplifies payroll management
  • Facilitates bank reconciliation
  • Employees receive their pay faster
  • Reduces the risk of fraud
Eliminates the need to:
  • Issue cheques
  • Place cheques in envelopes for mailing
  • Make employee payroll deductions

Direct withdrawal

  • Eliminates the need to manage post-dated cheques
  • Eliminates to need to receive payments by cheque
  • Increases working capital
  • No delay in receiving payments
  • Facilitates management of accounts receivable

Reduced fees for

  • Ordering and printing cheques
  • Cashing cheques
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Interest charges for unpaid merchandise
  • Postage

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