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Ensuring a smooth business transfer requires careful and detailed planning. At UNI Business, our team of experts is here to support you throughout the transfer process.

Starting Up

Going into business means having the deep conviction that our project is necessary and remarkable, which is often the case. But beyond a strong will and hard work, have you thought to get the right support?


Planning to grow your business? Whether it's marketing products and services, diversifying your products, or improving the scope of your business activities or your team's expertise, the challenge is great, but extremely stimulating!


Has your company reached a certain maturity? The time is right to invest and aim to improve its performance.   You are in an expansion phase and we are there, by your side, to guide you toward informed choices.

International Trade

Is your next destination international? You've got it right! For the implementation of certain business strategies, international trade can or must be part of the winning formula.

Out-of-province financing

Are you considering starting up a business? Are you mapping out the next phase of your established company? Do you have plans to expand?

Regardless of your economic sector, look to us to provide the support you need in the form of specialized guidance that places your best interests first.

Operational Efficiency

In business as in life, performance and innovation are at the heart of our everyday lives. You are no exception.  Increase your operational efficiency by saving time and money, all for the satisfaction of your employees, customers and suppliers.

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