From the beginning, UNI has been committed to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals, businesses and the community. Our new positioning underlines how important supporting sustainable development is to the community impact we want to have.
Prospering together
  • Support organizations committed to working together for the local economy
  • Encourage buying locally by showcasing the diversity of local products and services
  • Attract partners and businesses that want to invest in our local prosperity and vitality efforts
Réalisations marquante

Notable achievements

Complexe intergénérationnel UNIPLEX
Beneficiary organization:Ville de Dieppe
UNI contribution:$1,000,000
Project period:2018-2032
Accros de la chanson
Beneficiary organization:Fédération des jeunes francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick
UNI contribution:$24,500
Project period:2020
Contribution 2020
Beneficiary organization:Maison Notre Dame
UNI contribution:$102,000
Project period:2020
L'Amour d'ici
Beneficiary organization:L'Amour d'ici Nouveau-Brunswick
UNI contribution:$100,000
Project period:2021
Last projects

Recently supported projects

Entente 2020
Beneficiary organization:Association francophone des ainés du Nouveau-Brunswick
UNI contribution:$7,500
Project period:August 28, 2020
Laboratoire de cohésion sociale jeunesse et ses activateurs de changement
Beneficiary organization:Dialogue NB
UNI contribution:$8,000
Project period:October 23, 2020
Soutien financier au Centre de pédiatrie sociale Sud-est
Beneficiary organization:Centre de pédiatrie sociale Sud-est
UNI contribution:$10,000
Project period:December 1, 2020