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Entrepreneurs, builders, dreamers and creators of well-being: Look here to find your local committees, the projects they support and finance, and the application forms for donations and sponsorships.

UNI is not a bank, but a financial cooperative that belongs to its members.

With the profits generated from its business operations, UNI gives back $2.3 million a year to communities in an effort to inspire, support and finance responsible and sustainable civic activities and projects that contribute to the attractiveness and well-being of the province.

Réalisations marquante

Notable achievements

Selon entente 2016-2018
Beneficiary organization:Ass. francophone aînés NB
UNI contribution:$20,000
Project period:2019

The Association francophone des aînés du Nouveau-Brunswick brings together Francophones aged 50 and over in order to promote their well-being and protect their rights, thereby contributing to their personal development and that of society as a whole.

Campagne Célébration
Beneficiary organization:Hospice Sud-est Nouveau-Brunswick
UNI contribution:$50,000
Project period:2019-2020
Last projects

Recently supported projects

Travailler à mettre en place la feuille de route des États généraux de la jeunesse de la Péninsule acadienne 2015-2035
Beneficiary organization:Avenir jeunesse de la Péninsule acadienne
UNI contribution:$10,000
Project period:January 11, 2018

Founded in 1994, the committee Avenir jeunesse de la Péninsule acadienne is dedicated to fostering ties among community organizations...

Centre d'Entrepreneurship du Restigouche Inc.
Beneficiary organization:Centre d'Entrepreneurship du Restigouche Inc.
UNI contribution:$13,500
Project period:June 1, 2018

The Restigouche Entrepreneurship Centre is the only centre of its kind in New Brunswick.

Sponsorship (Nov. 2018 - Oct. 2019)
Beneficiary organization:Association Excellence NB Association Inc.
UNI contribution:$100,000
Project period:November 15, 2018

The vision of the organization Excellence NB is to encourage New Brunswickers to support New Brunswick-based businesses by educating them about the importance of buying goods and services from local companies and the benefits of dealing locally.