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Your request must be submitted 4 months before the date of the event.

Applying for a donation or sponsorship

A donation is awarded to local activities or social or humanitarian causes that have tangible spin-offs for the community.

A sponsorship is a commercial relationship between two organizations. This type of marketing opportunity develops relationships with the community and promotes business development.



Criteria, eligibility requirements and information required to apply for a donation.

What is a donation? A donation is awarded to local activities or social or humanitarian causes that have tangible spin-offs for the community.

Your request might be better suited for sponsorship. To learn more about our about our sponsorship program, visit the Sponsorship section.

Applying for a donation in 3 steps.. Follow the steps to determine whether your request qualifies. It takes up to four (4) weeks before a reply or a recommandation is made. The evaluation process may take longer in the case of large-scale provincial activities.



Every year, UNI supports numerous projects and charities in various social and community fields.

A donation is granted primarily to support the following:

  • Help educational, health care, social service and community establishments as well as charitable organizations in their efforts to improve the quality of life
  • Support projects that will benefit the community by improving community services.

The donation application will be assessed according to its ability to make a true difference in the community.

Conditions d'admissibilité

Eligibility requirements

Here are some of the social and community fields we prioritize for donations:

  • Education and youth
  • Mutual aid and solidarity
  • Health care
  • Economic development and entrepreneurship
  • Environmental protection

The donation application must be completed using the designated application form online. No requests in printed form, by telephone, or in person shall be accepted.


The following types of request do not meet the criteria established and will not be granted any kind of financial support:

  • Lobbying groups;
  • Private individuals;
  • Travel allowances and expenditures;
  • Advertising for fundraising events
  • Gatherings or activities of a personal or family nature
  • Unregistered charities
  • Activities taking place outside the province of New Brunswick

Guidelines for applying for a donation

The following information is required to complete a donation application:

  • Information about the organization and the event or project
  • Background and history of the organization
  • Description of the event or project (including the community needs to be addressed by the proposed activity)
  • Amount requested and overall target for the campaign (including public and private sector funding)
  • List of applications made to other UNI subsidiaries
  • Other information (e.g. Is your activity a good match for UNI?)