Purpose of UNI Community

Since 1936, UNI has been operating under the name Caisse populaire acadienne ltée. With assets of $4.2 billion and annual donations, sponsorships and scholarships totalling $2.6 million, UNI is the largest francophone financial institution serving Acadian communities.

UNI, its 1,000 employees and 155,000 members owners firmly believe that one person’s prosperity should contribute to that of others. As a result, each day, the institution supports and finances projects that contribute to the well-being of New Brunswickers rather than shareholder profits elsewhere.

To make this vision a reality, UNI established a citizen cooperative consisting of 3 regional committees and 36 representatives, real agents of change. They are the ones who set our cooperative dis apart from other institutions each day.

They are responsible for meeting the needs of communities and rallying those who create social, economic, environmental and cultural value for the exclusive benefit of New Brunswick’s citizens and business communities.


Cooperative committees


  • Organize and promote local projects that contribute to the creation of value for the community
  • Contribute to the creation of responsible and sustainable projects in communities
  • Partner with local citizens and stakeholders to plan and develop community projects that create value
  • Represent the interests of members who support our cooperative projects
  • Manage and allocate budgets in the form of donations, sponsorships and scholarships

Our strengths

  • 3 regional cooperative committees
  • 36 change agents representing members
  • 1,000 employees engaged in our community project
  • 3,000 entrepreneurs who believe, as we do, that true growth benefits everyone
  • 155,000 members who share and support our cooperative values

To join your cooperative committee

Bilan social

Social responsibility initiatives

Solidarity goes hand in hand with community

UNI invests in communities. Each week, several thousand dollars are redistributed in donations, sponsorships and scholarships because we believe that the prosperity of some people must contribute to that of others.

For every $100 invested in the community in 2018



Donations: $686,203
Sponsorships: $1,816,678
Scholarships: $102,000
Total contributions for 2018: $2,604,881