Northeast Cooperative Committee

Kassim Doumbia, Président

Kassim Doumbia


I joined the Northeast Cooperative Committee because I wanted to support development projects that meet the needs of our citizens and generate lasting benefits for our community. As a member, I contribute to the proper investment of the funds at our disposal. By working together, we are building the foundation that we want to leave to current and future generations.

Hugues Thériault,

Hugues Thériault

I have been involved in the Mouvement des caisses populaires acadiennes since 2009, and through my education and experience over the years, I have gained a good understanding of cooperative values. Moving forward, if I am able to give back to my community what I have learned from the cooperative sector, then I will have achieved my goal to serve my community.

Raymond Bryar, Secrétaire

Raymond Bryar


I have always enjoyed participating directly in my region’seconomic, social and cultural development. As a member of the Northeast Cooperative Committee, UNI gives me this opportunity, by distributing the profits of my Caisse to support the well-being of my community.

Rollande Duguay,

Rollande Duguay

Having been in the cooperative movement for more than 35 years, the new UNI Caisse is a new challenge for me. I am proud to sit on these new committees and look forward to seeing where this great adventure will take us. Our new mission is very exciting, and I look forward to seeing the impact on our communities.

Octave Haché,

Octave Haché

Having been a member of the Board of Directors of my Caisse populaire for more than 20 years, I was interested in being a member of the Cooperative Committee after the merger of theCaisses populaires. The reason for my interest in sitting on the Cooperative Committee is that I fully agree with their mandate of community development.

Jeanne Lanteigne,

Jeanne Lanteigne

UNI invited the Cooperative Committees to participate in the development of their communities by supporting projects that uphold values and promote sustainable development. This challenge truly speaks to me,and I am proud to participate with the people of my region in the development of our community and the people who live here.

André Morais, Vice-président

André Morais

Vice President

Today, I realize that this beautiful project that seemed impossible is paying off. With patience and caution, as a member of a Cooperative Committee, I trust the expertise of our human resources. Managing wealth in a fragile economy and knowing we have confidence in our decisions lead meto make informed choices to demonstrate my loyalty to you.

Denis Savoie,

Denis Savoie

Following the mergerof the Caisses, I am confident we will have more and more resources to share with our communities for social, sporting, artistic and cultural events. UNI’s promising future motivates me to get involved and cooperate with our communities for sustainable and responsible development, in order to keep our young people here.

Bertrand Brideau,

Bertrand Brideau

I have always attached great importance to cooperation within the Caisses populairesacadiennes. It is the community development component, through donations, sponsorships and dividends, that distinguishes us from other financial institutions. That is why I am proud to be a member of the UNI Cooperative Committee.

Normand Robichaud,

Normand Robichaud

During my 22 years working in forestry and my eight years in the NB Department of Transportation, I have always adapted to challenges and changes. I understand the importance of Cooperative Committees in our communities and am proud to be part of one; it is important to me. I firmly believe that the NeguacCommitteecan make a difference in our beautiful region.
Denis Paulin,

Denis Paulin

I love to get involved. I sat on the Board of Directors of the Caisse populaire Tracadie for nine years, and then joined the Board of the Regional Cooperative of the Bay. I also returnedto the Board of the Caisse populaire before the merger, and decided to continue my involvement by sitting on the UNI Cooperative Committee.