Northwest Cooperative Committee

Pierre Essiambre,

Pierre Essiambre

My community has always been important to me, and I believe that every positive action can make a difference. UNI Financial Cooperation has been part of my life since I was a child, and I have watched my institution grow and prosper without compromising its community values. For this reason, I am honoured to serve on the UNI Community cooperative committee and hope that through my own actions, I can also make a difference.


André Leclerc, Président

André Leclerc


The cooperative movement contributes greatly to communitydevelopment. UNI is at the heart of this contribution. I am proud of the work done by the Northwest Cooperative Committee,thanks to the support it offers to a great number of beautiful projects.

Diane Desrosiers, Vice-présidente

Diane Desrosiers

Vice President

UNI is our Acadian pride, reflecting the people of our community. My greatest wish, as a representative of the Northwest Cooperative Committee, would be to influence people to adopt a vision of sustainable development, try to convince future members to join UNI for its difference, for its involvement in the prosperity of New Brunswickers.

Christine Levesque,

Christine Levesque

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Carol Savoie, Secrétaire

Carol Savoie


The reason for my joining the Cooperative Committee was to have the privilege and opportunity to give and make my community better. It is a legacy that will be appreciated by all, now and for generations to come, since true wealth is shared.

Manon Goulette,

Manon Goulette

I chose to join the Cooperative Committee so that I could represent the members of the cooperation, promote community development in my region, and be informed about the status and overalloperation of my Caisse. In addition to all this, I want to make a difference in my community.

Valérie Lavoie,

Valérie Lavoie

I have always felt the need to get involved in order to leave a positive mark on my community. I agree with UNI's cooperative aspect, its mission and values. As a result, I am proud and enthusiastic to be part of a team motivated to make my region a prosperous and attractive place to live.
Nicole Plourde,

Nicole Plourde

I joined the Cooperative Committee because I had sat on the Board of the Caisses for a number of years and knew that by joining forces (UNI), we could continue to a make a difference in our communities through donations and sponsorships.

Melvin Blanchette,

Melvin Blanchette

In agreeing to be a member of the Cooperative Committee, I want to do my best to represent my community by helping with certain projects through a donation or sponsorship.

Raymond Sirois,

Raymond Sirois

I, Raymond Sirois, am very proud to be part of UNI’s Cooperative Committee for the Northwest. I care about its future and I believe in what it can bring to our region. UNI will make sure the money is distributed properly in our region, to ensure a better future for our beautiful community.

Réjean Michaud,

Réjean Michaud

It has been an honour to serve for 13 years on the Board of Directors of the Caisse populaire Madawaska. Since last year, I have agreed to sit on the Northwest Cooperative Committee. I am proud of this change, which gives me a voice for the people of Edmundston and the surrounding area by supporting community projects and activities.