Southeast Cooperative Committee

Nicole Thibodeau, vice-présidente

Nicole Thibodeau


“True wealth is shared.” I wanted to sit on the Cooperative Committee to offer my skills acquired over the years as a facilitator and trainer in personal development. One of my priorities islistening to the ideas of others and sharing my own. My motto: Take care of the relationships you have built.

Denise Landry, secrétaire

Denise Landry

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Alonzo Boucher,

Alonzo Boucher

After sitting for a number of years on the Board of Directors of the Caisse populaire Sud-Est, I wanted to continue my involvement in this new adventure with UNI. The Cooperative Committeeis the perfect mechanism for me to stay involved with the Caisse. The work of the various committees will define UNI for its members and the population in general.

Ronald Boudreau,

Ronald Boudreau

UNI is a financial institution that contributes enormously to our society, and it is interesting for me to see how, with UNI, we can better communicate the needs of my region and my community.
Joseph Lionel Gaudet,

Joseph Lionel Gaudet

I have always been part of the cooperative movement in my community. As a member of the Cooperative Committee, I want to ensure that UNI remains an active movement in my community, and that surplusesare distributed equitablyin my community.

Roseline Pelletier,

Roseline Pelletier

I am a member because I was a member of the Board of a Caisse populaire for 11 years. When the Board of Caisse populaire Beauséjour became the Cooperative Committee in July 2016, I decided to continue representing the members of the Fredericton location. Long live cooperation!
Clarence Vautour,

Clarence Vautour

All my life, I have volunteered for various organizations. For me, it was a way of giving to my community. I am now part of an organization that wants to help communities live better. With my experience, and as a member of the UNI Cooperative Committee, I can serve our communities better.

Céline Doucet-Rousselle,

Céline Doucet-Rousselle

Over the years, I have witnessed many transformations as a member of the Board of Directors of Caisse populaire Beauséjour. Following the merger of the Caisses and its creation under a federal law, I proudly decided to continue my involvement in the Cooperative Committee, with the aim of representing my region.
Carole Leblanc,

Carole Leblanc

I am very happy to be part of the Southeast Cooperative Committee because I care about UNI and my community. I very much believe that the cooperative spirit is essential to success.

Louise Richard Hartley,

Louise Richard Hartley

I am proud to be a member of this committee. The health and well-being of the people of our region are important to me. UNI reinvests in the communities for the benefit of young people and seniors alike, while contributing positively to the economy.