Dialogue NB

Dialogue NB
UNI contribution$8,000
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Beneficiary organization:Dialogue NB
UNI contribution:$8,000
Date of approval:2020

Project description

The youth social cohesion lab Dialogue NB is both a virtual and physical space where New Brunswick youth age 15 to 30 (dubbed “agents of change”) can develop projects in their communities related to the economic, cultural, social and political aspects of social cohesion or to one of its three areas (the feeling of belonging, social relations and strong emphasis on the common good).


UNI’s role

The program not only benefits participants directly, but also New Brunswick communities, because the projects developed are expected to be implemented, at least in prototype form, and to be self-sufficient by the end of the program. In the long term, we hope to follow up on these projects to determine the impact they’ve had in the community. 

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