La Barque

La Barque
UNI contribution$30,000
Field in which value is created icon-user

Beneficiary organization:La Coopérative La Barque
UNI contribution:$30,000
Date of approval:2018-2019

Project description

The mission of La Barque is to assist in “sharing spaces, tools and knowledge with the community in the Chaleur region in the spirit of education and training to promote the wellness, development and long‑term success of its members and the community at large.” It offers infrastructures and spaces that can be used for workshops on topics ranging from dancing to cooking and transformed into promotional platforms and forums for learning about and using both new technologies and traditional tools.

Through its programs, it encourages the participation of intergenerational groups to promote knowledge transfer between adults and youth. Being a member of the La Barque cooperative means being a founder, user, creator, collaborator, mentor and participant in helping to grow the entire Chaleur region!

Our contribution assisted this organization in completing major projects including a renovation to transform a kitchen into a community kitchen to support the delivery of new cooking classes and serve as a meeting space for various community events and meals and the celebration of many birthdays. Our motto, “True wealth comes from sharing,” will be proudly displayed on the kitchen walls.

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