Youth camps in Southeast New Brunswick

Youth camps in Southeast New Brunswick
UNI contribution$7,500
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May 30, 2018
Project description

The mission of Village des sources en Acadie is to organize and deliver more than 30 camps each year (Au Tilleul de Bois Joli, Shediac Cape) for young Francophones in southeast New Brunswick between the ages of 10 and 25. Its role is to help young people lead happier lives by teaching fundamental values including respect, sharing and commitment. When young people are happier, the positive impact extends to their families and school environment, and they discover inner contentment that motivates them to get more involved in society. They can look forward to promising futures for themselves and the people around them.

Our contribution to this project generates real and positive impact on young people in our region and, by extension, their entire communities. More than 500 young people attend camp at Village des sources en Acadie every year. Teaching staff, catechism leaders and parents can testify to the positive effects of these camps on the youth participants, both personally and in their relationships with peers and adults, within their families, at school and in their communities.

Date of approval:May 30, 2018