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Espace La Fabrique

Espace La Fabrique
UNI contribution$5,000
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Project description

Espace La Fabrique is an agency spearheaded by Association pour l’intégration communautaire de Tracadie (AICT), which has a service agreement with the Department of Social Development to deliver the employment and support services component of the program for people with disabilities

Espace La Fabrique takes a person-centred approach that prioritizes employment. The agency sees that people with disabilities who receive employment and support services get the help they need to participate in their community in a truly meaningful way.

The program is designed to help adults with developmental disabilities secure meaningful paid employment in the community. Espace La Fabrique offers personalized and flexible services for people age 19 to 64 with long-term disabilities and helps them develop their individual support plan.

UNI’s involvement

UNI is proud to support this organization in its mission to enhance the independence and quality of life of people with developmental disabilities so they can be more active, better integrated and recognized by employers and/or organizations in the region as productive members of society.

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