Fitness Centre in Saint-Isidore

Fitness Centre in Saint-Isidore
UNI contribution$100,000
Field in which value is created icon-user

October 1, 2018
Project description

Action Santé (“Action Health”) is an innovative, prevention-based concept developed with the goal of educating people at the community level about the importance of good health. In concrete terms, it is a non-profit organization represented and supported by every sector of the community whose vision is to encourage people to stay physically fit. Action Santé believes that a healthy community leads to more motivated citizens and enthusiastic workers and, as a result, a stronger economy and less burdened health care system. The centre is proud to follow an inclusive philosophy and designates itself as a “judgment-free zone” with the objective of empowering the members of Action Santé and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and at home regardless of his or her community, age, social status or fitness level.

Our contribution went toward supporting this community initiative seeking to offer fitness-related services and products to a previously unserved market.

Date of approval:October 1, 2018