Sureau Blanc Ski Club

Sureau Blanc Ski Club
UNI contribution$1,000
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January 18, 2019
Project description

Sureau Blanc is a club made up of volunteers whose goal is to help the population fully take advantage of winter by providing quality ski trails, interesting programs and entertaining activities for all ages.  This winter, 72 young people registered in the youth program.  The Club offers the possibility of renting ski equipment in winter and roller skis in summer.  Thanks to the club’s youth program over the years, some young people have been quite successful in the different ski competitions held in New Brunswick and even outside the province.

UNI’s involvement

UNI’s contribution to this program supports the Club in the purchase of ski equipment for both young people who are just starting out in this sport and for those who have reached the competitive level.

Date of approval:January 18, 2019