Voilà! Projects that unite us

UNI's cooperative nature makes it different from other financial institutions.

Cooperative values drive everything we do, from donations and sponsorships that promote the vitality of our communities to the acquisition of major holdings managed locally. We are an important lever and an active contributor to the economic development ecosystem in New Brunswick and beyond. UNI presents Voilà! Projects that unite us. Organizations and engaged residents from the five major regions are encouraged to submit meaningful, visionary, sustainable projects that drive change and contribute to the wellbeing of the community.
See the rules for the regional boundaries.
5 grand prizes of up to $50,000
10 secondary prizes of up to $5,000

Your ideas come true

Our members will vote to pick the contest winner in each region. Each winning project will receive one of five grand prizes of up to $50,000. Finalist projects are also eligible for one of 10 secondary prizes of up to $5,000.
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Selection criteria

  • Be forward-looking and have a positive impact in the communities they serve
  • Start no later than the end of 2023
  • Include a plan and detailed budget
  • Give preference to local suppliers in New Brunswick
  • Focus on the following sectors of activity: art and culture, economic development, education, mutual assistance and solidarity, health care, sports and leisure, or environmental quality. In addition, preference will be given to projects that contribute to youth development.

To enter

This contest is open exclusively to organizations in New Brunswick that are UNI members at the time of entry. The organization’s project representative must complete and submit the official entry form, including the following:

  • Region where the project will be carried out
  • Sector of activity targeted by the project
  • Estimated number of people who will benefit from the project
  • Less than 600-word summary of the project, the motivation behind it, its duration and its potential benefits for your community
  • Financing plan for the project
  • A photo of the project or organization
  • A promotional video of the project (optional)
  • Less than 75-word text describing why members should vote for your project
  • Contact information for the organization's project representative: organization name, first and last name of the project representative, organization address, email, telephone or cell number, confirmation that the organization is a UNI member, business location.

Contest rules
Questions? Contact us

To vote

Online voting will be held from January 16 to February 3, 2023. One vote per member, per day, per email is permitted throughout the voting period.

Announcement of winners

The winning projects will be announced during the week of February 20, 2023.

In unison with like-minded people

This is a golden opportunity to carry out a meaningful project that will bring change to your community. Community spaces, self-help networks, environmental sanctuaries, creative labs and much more!

Discover the winners of 2022
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You have a blank canvas on which you can paint the community that excites you.
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