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Youth development

Coopérative d'entraide et de solidarité La Barque - Pointe-Verte

Help us build an outdoor venue! Picture this: a beautiful gathering place complete with a gazebo, picnic tables, barbecues and a cozy reading hut, all set up right on site. This space would be a real investment in the Chaleur region community, including for youth attending La Barque day camps, students from local schools participating in hands-on workshops, and people coming to eat, socialize and participate in outdoor activities. Show your solidarity and vote for us!


Camp jeunesse Richelieu - Tracadie

After more than 30 years in operation, Camp Jeunesse Richelieu wants to create a new community park called “Espace Vert l’Avenir” (green space for the future). Built by and for our youth, the new outdoor space will become a gathering place for the entire community. It will also be a place where our campers can learn and thrive during their stay, as well as being for all young people who visit the park with their families. Support our project by voting for us!

Arts and culture

Gala de la chanson de Caraquet

With its new “Trémolo” project, Gala de la chanson de Caraquet plans to teach francophone music to people in the community. Drawing on the artistic model of Académie Isabelle Thériault (2007–2016), Trémolo will offer several extracurricular and recreational music courses under one roof, as well as being a welcoming place that promotes community gatherings and interactions. Vote for Trémolo and help the next generation of Acadians find their voice!

Mutual aid and solidarity

ForêStation Café Inc. - Rogersville

Our new project "L'Oiseau-mouche: petit café social" (the humminqbird social café) is a type of mobile ForêStation, the friendly café in Rogersville that helps reduce social isolation. By votinq for L'Oiseau-mouche, you'll be saying yes to quality coffee, tea and cool drinks at community events. You'll also be supporting job creation for Rogersville area youth ages 15 to 18, and most of all, you'll be making a difference. All profits from the mobile café will go to our local community-based social medicine initiative supporting children, youth, and seniors in vulnerable situations. Vote for this innovative project and help your fellow residents thrive!


Bouctouche Farmers' Market

In a society where the environment is threatened and obesity is skyrocketing, our young people stand at a crossroads. That’s why we’re planning to use our expertise to mobilize resources to hire and train local food superheroes. It’s time to demystify food in all its forms and simplify what’s on our plates. To achieve this, we want to educate young people about the complex functioning of the food system and how they can help change it. The new young "Ag-Venturers" program will include facilitation, camps and farm visits, culinary demos ans tastings of local products. Be part of this health movement and vote for us!

Sports and recreation

Village of Saint-Antoine - Champdoré

The redesign of our village’s community park would create an excellent gathering place with a new and welcoming space for outdoor community events. A water park, playgrounds for children up to age five, new swings, benches and picnic tables are additions that would meet the needs of people of all ages and ensure our community’s well-being. Help make this project a reality by voting for us!


Sentinelles Petitcodiac Riverkeeper - Moncton

Want to help protect our environment and promote sustainable practices? The goal of our project is to create an education centre that will allow the young people in our community to develop the skills to protect and restore native plants. By planting local species today, we can create a more resilient climate future for our young people. The centre would benefit the entire community by providing native plants to locals and leaving an environmental legacy for all. By voting for our project, you’ll be making a lasting impact on the lives of our young people!


École Sainte-Bernadette - Moncton

Our grade two students imagined an outdoor classroom, an exciting place where they could experience nature. Not only would it have a positive impact on their physical and mental health, but it would help them learn how to plant their own food, where their food comes from, the benefits of fruits and vegetables, and more! What's more, the space would be open to the entire community! People could come to weed and water the garden as well as harvesting from it if they need something. By voting for us, you’ll be supporting both early childhood development and food security for those in need!

Youth development

House of Nazareth - Moncton

Unfortunately, there are still far too many people in our community experiencing homelessness, and the younger generation is increasingly affected. Our Lab’Info project would provide computer literacy training for 18- to 30-year-olds, and help them with résumé writing, job searching, doing mock interviews, and more. Every day we strive to instill the values of recognition, encouragement and self-esteem in our residents. With Lab’Info, we firmly believe we could give them a new lease on life. Support rehabilitation and reintegration and vote for us!

Arts and culture

Société culturelle régionale Les Chutes - Grand Falls

Imagine a welcoming space for you, spectators, artists, volunteers and artisans of our culture. A place for meetings, a studio for workshops and an intimate stage for artististic performances. Let your imagination soar and support our renovation project for Foyer McCain, located next to the Richelieu Auditorium in Grand-Sault. It’s a space that brings people together, a high-tech studio and, above all, a place where culture meets community. So, all together now, vote for our multipurpose community initiative!

Mutual aid and solidarity

Centre de ressources en autisme du Nord-Ouest - St-Basile

Our most heartfelt wish for 2023 is to create a support program promoting well-being and independence for people living with autism. The goal of the program is to guide participants in developing skills that can help them throughout their personal and professional lives. Businesses in the region would benefit from this project by hiring people who would become a significant and reliable asset on their teams. People with autism have a strong work ethic, integrity, and determination. All they need to reach their full potential is a little guidance and support. Vote for us and promote inclusivity!


Edmundston Regional Hospital Foundation

Want to empower and support the development of our community members who require mental health care? Help us redesign the kitchen area at Edmundston Regional Hospital for the benefit of our psychiatric patients, both children and adults. The project would give our patients and occupational therapist access to a kitchen with tools that more closely resemble daily life at home. Group workshops would be easier to run, and it would be a more appropriate space for our patients to socialize and collaborate. Vote for us and support the well-being of our patients!

Sports and recreation

Camp Canak Inc. - Kedgwick

At Camp Canak, we want every child, youth and adult to have an unforgettable experience participating in a variety of activities, no matter what their level of autonomy. We would also like to add amusement equipment, including an interactive projector and a swimming pool. We recently discovered and would like to purchase an interactive projector that promotes physical activity, increases alertness and concentration, fosters activity and social interaction, while being fun and enjoyable. Our dream is also to expand our programming and make several facility improvements to provide our campers with new opportunities for adventure. Thank you for voting for us and supporting our goals!

Sports and recreation

Les Montagnards Outdoors Club - Campbellton

Because our community knows that outdoor activities are great for our mental and physical health, we want to provide more opportunities to do just that: new trails built by and for us, a bicycle repair and tune-up station, rest stop huts, and training and introductory courses so our community members can discover and experience new sports. Vote for us and support an inclusive project that will bring people together and contribute to everyone’s well-being!

Youth development

Youth in Action Centre - Campbellton

We aspire to give local youth the means to reach their full potential by creating a youth zone drop-in program. Working closely with youth in the community, we identified the need for a reliable and welcoming after-school drop-in program for youth 12 and over. Our initiative would help keep youth off the streets, while helping them build better social skills, improve their physical and emotional well-being, explore new interests, make new friends and more! Vote for the Youth in Action Centre and help us help our youth shape their future!

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