The Winners of 2020

Polyvalente W.-A. Losier and ECO W.-A.-L.


Tracadie-Sheila | Polyvalente W.-A. Losier and the organization ECO W.-A.-L. have reimagined school: from outdoor learning to an outdoor stage, exercise circuit, greenhouse, garden and trees contributing to air quality, all is in place for a school that's just as dynamic as its community. Education is an investment in our collective future, and this perfect fusion of education and community promises big benefits. The project received 50.9% of the region's votes.

École Marie-Esther

$5,000 WINNER

Shippagan | A project combining track and field with soccer: this is the dream of students at École Marie-Esther in Shippagan. With the goal of sharing their facilities with the entire community, this is a genuine effort to bring people together through sports and contribute to the well-being of the entire region. This entirely student-led initiative has been developed to ensure that the new facilities benefit everyone and remain vital for years to come. The project received 30.2% of the region's votes.

Chaleur Green Trails

$5,000 WINNER

Beresford | Chaleur Green Trails seeks to connect Beresford and Bathurst by a bicycle and pedestrian trail. Supported by the municipalities involved and strong revenue from donations and other fundraising efforts, this project promises to enhance quality of life throughout the region while also promoting the well-being of all residents. Imagine the trail bustling with activity in the summer and bursting with colour in the fall! The project received 18.9% of the region's votes.

La coopérative Ferme Terre Partagée


Rogersville | Food is at the centre of our communities. Beyond vital nutrients, it brings us together around the table, offers the gratification of working the land, inspires recipes that define our cultures and creates opportunities for memorable moments of sharing. The “Grange Partagée” is a place that will bring young and old together around quality food. Together we will be able to cultivate the land, the table and our traditions for generations to come. The project received 41.9% of the region's votes.

Sentier Pluriel de Grande-Digue inc.

$5,000 WINNER

Grande-Digue | The Alyre Bourque Trail will contribute to local residents' well-being by providing a pleasant 2.7 kilometer hike through our magnificent Acadian forest along with access to the coast and beach. Nestled amid a superb natural setting, it will be possible to observe a family of ospreys nearby. Developed with citizen participation in mind, it will become part of the Grande-Digue trail network, accessible free of charge to all residents of the region. The project received 37.2% of the region's votes.

Apprenti en action - Labo éducatif en alimentation inc.

$5,000 WINNER

Cocagne | Food is part of our daily lives. This social innovation project aims to bring people together and stimulate knowledge sharing among all spheres of society while motivating and celebrating our younger and older citizens alike. The food education lab offers opportunities to learn how to cook local and other products while sharing responsibility between school, family and community. It's a real investment in the entire community's well-being. The project received 20.9% of the region's votes.

Beausejour Family Crisis Resource Centre


Shédiac | Imagination is a powerful tool, one that we forget we possess in times of crisis. The IMAGINATION play park allows children who are victims of family violence a chance to rediscover their strength, explore and grow and, most importantly, a chance to imagine a life without violence. The project received 59.6% of the region's votes.

* Prize up to 75% of the total cost of financing the project up to a maximum of $50,000.

Comité des personnes aînées de Dieppe inc. in collaboration with the city of Dieppe, the District scolaire francophone Sud and Lou MacNarin School

$5,000 WINNER

Dieppe | Sidewalk gardens or urban gardens are part of the sustainable development approach. Replacing flower beds with gardens that produce herbs and vegetables, this community effort helps keep the city green during the warm season while making the investment in garden design profitable. The annual harvest will be donated to a local food bank, proof that an entire community can support itself through communal effort and generosity. Through our extensive partnerships, we have the necessary resources in place to ensure that the entire community benefits every year. The project received 27.3% of the region's votes.

Alternative Residences Alternatives

$5,000 WINNER

Moncton | Tangible action for the most vulnerable among us. Alternative Residences Alternatives offers mentally ill adults safe housing and a caring, compassionate environment. This is a real solution for those individuals to stop alternating between the healthcare and justice systems. Building life skills and independence, the goal is to enhance the quality of life of those who benefit from the program, ultimately leading to a successful life on their own. The project received 13.1% of the region's votes.

Coopérative de récréotourisme du Madawaska ltée


Edmundston | The Mont Farlagne Outdoor Centre wants you to enjoy the outdoors all year round! The installation of a large tent will allow the organization of family days and other sporting and community events. It will also be an excellent place for school groups to take part in nature classes and other outdoor activities. And in the winter? An interior space will be heated and wood fires will be set up on site. The project received 55.7% of the region's votes.

L'Atelier des Copains Co-op ltée

$5,000 WINNER

Saint-François-de-Madawaska | L'Atelier des Copains Co-op ltée is a sorting centre whose mission goes far beyond recycling. Actively contributing to the regional economy, it is also a vital space for citizens living with a disability. Through the ADAPT program, 9 to 10 people with disabilities benefit from resources in addition to employment adapted to their individual abilities. As the centre continues to expand, the organization will pursue its economic, environmental and, above all, social mission. The project received 22.5% of the region's votes.

Club de vélo COLEBROOKE Bike Club inc.

$5,000 WINNER

Grand-Sault | The Colebrooke Bike Club wants great things for its community and is striving to make this vision a reality. In addition to helping the organization attract more mountain biking enthusiasts, the development of trails of various difficulty levels will enhance the organization's profile as a first-class recreational and tourism attraction. Inviting young and old alike to enjoy this exciting sport, it's a project full of potential. The project received 21.8% of the region's votes.

Club de ski de fond Husky inc.


Saint-Quentin | Well-being is quite simple: just take time to do things. Take time to move and take time to breathe. The Club de ski de fond Husky is seeking to acquire equipment to allow more people to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities at low cost. Walking, skiing, snowshoeing, biking: this picturesque site offers endless options for enjoying the outdoors and, above all, taking time! The project received 50.6% of the region's votes.

Restigouche Entrepreneurship Centre inc. - Youth In Action Centre

$5,000 WINNER

Campbellton | The Youth in Action Centre seeks to empower youth across the region to reach their full potential. The “School of Life” program enriches the formal education received in school with essential life skills. This development-focused program accompanies the participants into adulthood, successfully equipping them with everything we don't learn in school. An opportunity to socialize and learn, the School of Life is a true vector of transformation that invests in our community's future: our youth. The project received 25.1% of the region's votes.

Polyvalente Roland Pépin

$5,000 WINNER

Campbellton | « “The classroom becomes so big when you take the walls down,” according to John Telford. This is exactly what Polyvalente Roland Pépin wants to accomplish. The school offers open-air learning zones, each with a clearly defined theme: action, creation, balance and learning. This redevelopment of the interior courtyard will provide a stimulating environment that will give wings to our young people. The project received 24.3% of the region's votes.

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We can't wait to see all these forward-thinking projects come to life in their home communities.
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