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The Winners of 2021

Accessible community park


Grande-Digue | Built in 1996, the École Grande-Digue playground is used for various community activities. In order to improve the use and accessibility of the playground, a committee was formed to revitalize this community space. New play structures, a walking path, picnic tables, friendship benches and sensory games are all on the list of new features to make the park safe and friendly. If there is one thing we need to remember from this pandemic, it is how important our community is in our lives. Add to that the natural need to spend time outdoors with our neighbours and friends, and we have a winning formula for the well-being of all. It's up to you, dear members, to help our committee make this project a reality - and make many people happy at the same time! The project received 55.1% of the region's votes.

Renovation of outdoor rink infrastructure

$5,000 WINNER

Saint-Antoine | Unique in Southeastern New Brunswick, the Fernand Léger Outdoor Rink is a community facility used by people of all ages for outdoor physical activity. Users can enjoy a fun, non-competitive game of field hockey and ringette. Improvements to the current building are required to provide a larger scale of activities, accommodate more people from the area and provide a safe and appropriate facility. Volunteers work tirelessly each winter to maintain the rink so that everyone can enjoy the season to the fullest. Opened in 2001, it is now time to refresh the facility to meet the current and future needs of the area. Regional tournaments, various sports gatherings and community fun are guaranteed and are all up to the votes of UNI members!

Recreation Club Community Trail

$5,000 WINNER

Saint-Ignace | Inspiration could be found at every corner of the trails put forth by Club de Loisirs de Saint-Ignace. Extending the existing trail system already enjoyed by so many will greatly enhance the experience for hikers and fat bikers alike. Club de Loisirs de Saint-Ignace is driven by a group of energetic and enthusiastic volunteers seeking to contribute to their community in a meaningful way. This project is a great, big sail. Be the wind to carry it to port and vote for this community trail!

École communautaire le Domaine Étudiant - Complexe communautaire d'apprentissage en plein air


Petit-Rocher | Much more than a school project, the Complexe communautaire d’apprentissage en plein air (community outdoor learning complex) is a community pillar where everyone can benefit from time spent outdoors. On the one hand, it is proven that time spent outdoors has a positive impact on students' academic performance. On the other hand, it is also proven that outdoor activities contribute to general well-being and foster better interpersonal relationships. The complex is accessible to people with reduced mobility and will include benches, a greenhouse, garden boxes, a small stage, interpretive panels on fishing in the region, as well as an area dedicated to the history of First Nations housing in the area. The project received 49.4% of the region's votes.

Université de Moncton - Shippagan Campus - Arboretum including small forest and Indigenous medicinal garden

$5,000 WINNER

Shippagan | September 30th marked the first-ever National Day of Truth and Reconciliation with First Nations. This Indigenous arboretum, forest and herb garden project will showcase Indigenous culture and promote reconciliation and understanding through experiential learning. In partnership with the Esgenoôpetitj First Nation, the Université de Moncton - Shippagan Campus, seeks to deepen its impact on its students as well as the community by creating a unique space where learning and learning about others will be mastered. Want to discover the riches of the boreal forest? Vote for the Université de Moncton - Shippagan Campus.

Les Forces Vives inc. - Parc La Rencontre

$5,000 WINNER

Caraquet | An adapted park is synonymous with a tightly woven community! Les Forces Vives has observed the impact of the isolation of the last few months, especially for people living with a physical or intellectual disability. Parc La Rencontre will be an open, welcoming, adapted space that is conducive to the development of everyone, just as they are. It will be located behind l'Atelier La Rencontre, in Caraquet. A place where diversity is celebrated to the fullest, the park will also be a safe place for the entire community to meet, enjoy the facilities and share time with neighbours. Want to help a community build one of the most inclusive parks in the region? Vote for Parc La Rencontre!

Geocamp22 - Domes for summer camp


Shediac Cape | Geocamp22 is a non-profit organization that hopes to become a summer camp for children aged 7 to 14 from all over the province. Children will be invited to live an unforgettable nature experience by the water in Shediac Cape. The key to success is the geodesic domes that the organization hopes to acquire if UNI members vote for them. The domes will allow for the installation of bunk beds so that children can sleep under the stars in complete safety. The particularity of these domes is that they can be installed without damaging the surrounding environment, allowing the organization to set them up in the forest where the stars will be most visible. The project received 82.9% of the region's votes.

M.K ElectroRecycling - Electronic devices repair and recycling workshop

$5,000 WINNER

Moncton | A shipping container transformed into a repair and recycling workshop for electronic devices, all powered by solar energy. Too good to be true? Not at all! The M.K ElectroRecycling team wants to bring together students of all levels and newcomers to the Greater Moncton area in this large-scale project. This project consists of recovering electronic devices destined for disposal and reselling them at an affordable price here and in certain markets in Africa. If you care about the environment, inclusion and community collaboration, please vote for M.K ElectroRecycling!

Arts and Culture Centre - Works of art trail

$5,000 WINNER

Dieppe | UNIted by Arts and Culture! is a rallying, thought-provoking and aspirational project put forward by the Dieppe Arts and Culture Centre. Directed by professional artists, public works of art focusing on identity building will be created during intergenerational and multicultural gatherings. Made with recycled materials and objects, the works will border the culture trail leading to the Dieppe UNIplex Centre. Because creativity is a universal language, the Dieppe Arts and Culture Centre is making its visual arts studios available to the project so that families and friends from the area's various cultural communities can join professional artists to create a series of works that will explore the facets of identity building.

École régionale Saint-Basile - Schoolyard development


Saint-Basile | The schoolyard is a place for students to recharge their batteries, share good times with friends and spend quality time outdoors. It is also a place where the community comes together to be active and socialize. École régionale Saint-Basile seeks to redevelop its schoolyard by adding green spaces and other facilities that will allow users to enjoy the outdoors year-round and in complete safety. This project is accessible to all residents in the area and is intended to increase the quality of life of residents and encourage the development of youth. The project received 57.7% of the region's votes.

École Mgr-Lang - 100% inclusive park

$5,000 WINNER

Drummond | Development, learning, socialization, discovering one's environment... when you think about it, it all starts in the park. École Mgr-Lang seeks to build an inclusive and accessible community legacy in the form of a park. Designed to meet a variety of needs, the park will be a dynamic place for social interactions. Your votes will allow École Mgr-Lang to offer a unique space in the area, where new friendships will be made. Time spent in the park is a cornerstone of childhood and becomes synonymous with relaxation and well-being as adults. No matter who we are or what our abilities are, we all deserve some time in the park!

Regional Hospital Foundation - Renovation of patients' solarium

$5,000 WINNER

Edmundston | A solarium that is accessible to all patients is much more than just a bit of sunshine in the lives of people at the end of life or in need of extended hospital care: it is a crucial change of environment that allows them to relax and escape from their sometimes difficult daily lives. It is also a place where families can gather and share precious moments in a safe environment. The current solarium is not entirely accessible to everyone and needs to be updated to become a serene and welcoming space for patients and their families. Please allow the Edmundston Regional Hospital Foundation to offer such a place to those who need it and vote for their project!

Vitrail du Restigouche Ouest - École Marie-Gaétane - Outdoor play area


Kedwick + Saint-Quentin | Vitrail du Restigouche Ouest is a centre that gives a second chance to young people from the Kedgwick and Saint-Quentin area who did not finish high school and who wish to obtain their regular grade 12 diploma. More than 110 young people have succeeded in obtaining their high school diploma thanks to this alternative class which is part of École Marie-Gaétane. Three students have set out to develop a playground that will serve many members of the community. Despite the pandemic, the project has continued to move forward and is now in the process of purchasing sports equipment to bring this project full circle. The project received 66.1% of the region's votes.

Société culturelle de la Baie-des-Chaleurs - Development of an artistic alley

$5,000 WINNER

Campbellton | Campbellton's Shannon Alley has been redesigned from the ground up as an artisans' village. Murals, lighting and art installations will mix with various exhibitors and merchants to animate this corner of the city for a dynamic and colourful community life. The Société Culturelle de la Baie-des-Chaleurs seeks to make the region vibrate with arts and culture and to do so, will transform Shannon Lane into an open and warm cultural place. A healthy community is distinguished by its unique cultural scene and your votes will allow everyone to enjoy it to the fullest!

Youth in Action Centre - Mental Health Program

$5,000 WINNER

Campbellton | The Youth in Action Centre is a bilingual organization whose mission is the development of local youth. Offering a variety of programming to meet the current needs of local youth, the Centre's team has noticed an increase in the needs surrounding mental health. As such, the Rediscover YOU program was created to provide the next generation with an opportunity to develop to their full potential and learn the key skills that will propel them to lifelong success. Entrepreneurship, volunteering, leadership workshops, listening and friendship will be the focus of this unique program that will offer advice and support to local youth. Now it's your turn to make your voice heard. Vote for the adults of tomorrow, vote for the Youth in Action Centre!

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