AccèsD Affaires is a complete online financial management tool for businesses and self-employed workers that allows you to make a variety of transactions, from bill payment to payroll, from your office, home or other location.

AccèsD Affaires frees you from time and travel constraints and allows you to delegate tasks to your employees while still keeping control over your affairs.

  • Real time cash management in CAD and USD.
  • Accounts available anytime and anywhere at the click of a mouse.
  • Highly secured connection guarantees the safety and privacy of information.
  • Access controlled by manager or principal administrator.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Flexible and versatile: can be adapted to the needs of any type of business.
  • Access mode: Internet
AccèsD Affaires allows you to :
  • keep tabs on your cash flow at all times and from anywhere in the world simply by going online;
  • make standard transactions immediately or at a later date by a simple click of the mouse;
  • transfer funds between your CAD and USD accounts;
  • pay bills to over 500 organizations;
  • file tax returns and make government remittances;
  • obtain virtual statements of account activity on the first working day of each month;
  • free yourself from the task of recurring transactions by selectively delegating them to one or several employees, according to their level of responsibility;
  • get an annual bank confirmation automatically from the caisse(s) where you have an account;
  • simplify direct deposits and withdrawals as well as bank reconciliations;
  • save time, travel and postage fees!
From $0 to $29.95/month (varies based on options selected), transaction fees extra, or according to your plan.

AccèsD Affaires is a complete online financial management tool for businesses and self-employed workers.

Try it free for three months.

You will be charge a fee of $8.95/month after the trial period.

To register for AccèsD Affaires, fill out the following preregistration form, contact your caisse.

User guide (PDF format, 2.2 Mb)

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