Interac e-Transfers

Interac e-Transfers
Effective March 4, 2015, the maximum daily limit for Interac e-transfers increases from $1,000 to $3,000.

As well you can now register an Interac e-Transfer in advance of the date it is to be carried out, repeatedly or not, according to the frequency and date that you decide. Another good reason to use it!

Whether you're paying back a friend, helping out a loved one or paying rent and child care fees, the caisse offers 2 simple and secure ways to transfer funds via AccèsD Internet or mobile: money transfers between individuals and Interac e-Transfers.

Interac e-Transfers are a simple and secure way to transfer funds to a recipient at another Canadian financial institution or a caisse

All the recipient needs is a bank account in Canada and an email address or mobile phone number. Transfers must be in Canadian currency.


All the recipient needs is a bank account in Canada and an email address or mobile phone number. No banking information is required.

Funds are available as soon as the transfer is accepted by the recipient. Minimum processing time: 30 minutes.

Transfers can be done immediately or registered in advance to be carried out at a later date, repeatedly or not.

A security question lets you ensure the transfer was sent to the right recipient.

You benefit from the highest security standards in the industry with the Security Privacy Program.

Multiple access
Transactions can be made on AccèsD Internet and AccèsD mobile.

Maximum amount
You can transfer up to C$3,000 per day.

Minimum transfer amount is $10.

No fee applies if you are the transfer recipient.

How it works

To transfer funds to a recipient, you must be registered for AccèsD.

All you need to know is the email address or mobile phone number of the person to whom you want to transfer funds. This information is used only to notify the recipient that a transfer has been made[ 2 ].

Recipients receive an e-mail or text message notifying them that the funds can be deposited to their bank account.

You receive an email or text message confirming that the funds have been deposited to their bank account[ 3 ].

Log on to AccèsD and follow these steps to make an Interac e-Transfer:

1 Create your profile
From the right-hand menu, click Transfers and select Interac e-Transfers, and then the My Interac profile tab. Enter your email address to create your profile. You'll then be ready to make your first Interac e-Transfer.

2 Add a recipient
From the Make a transfer tab,, click Add a recipient. Enter the recipient's name and email address or mobile phone number. Enter a security question and answer.

3 Transfer funds
From the Make a transfer tab, follow the directions to make an Interac e-Transfer. The recipient will be notified that the funds can be deposited to his or her account.

Did you know?
If the recipient is a caisse member or Visa Desjardins cardholder, money transfers may be a better option since you avoid the fees associated with Interac e-Transfers.

1. Recipients must be a member of a participating financial institution and have secure online access to their accounts on that financial institution's website.

2. Funds not deposited by recipients within 30 days will be returned to you.

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