Refunds in the event of fraud

Debit Card

UNI ensure that you are refunded money lost if you are a victim of fraud online or with your debit card, as long as you:

  • abide by the terms of use for your debit card, particularly those concerning AccèsD service;
  • do not disclose your access codes, passwords or PIN to anyone and protect your personal computer equipment;
  • advise us immediately if you are the victim of fraud and cooperate with us in our investigation.

Victim of fraud?
If you think you may have been the victim of online, ATM or debit card fraud, call UNI.

VISA Desjardins Card

ZERO liability with your VISA Desjardins Card is offered at no charge to our individual and business members and clients.

When you use your VISA Desjardins Card to pay for in-store or online purchases, you are protected against unauthorized use of your card in the event of fraudulent transactions.

Victim of fraud?
If you think you may have been the victim of online, ATM or VISA Desjardins Credit Card fraud, call one of the following numbers:

Montreal area: 514-397-4415
Elsewhere in Canada and the U.S.: 1-800-363-3380
Other countries: Call collect: 514-397-4610 or contact VISA’s Global Customer Assistance Service

It is also recommended that you contact credit agencies like Equifax or TransUnion. They will add a note to your file to alert credit providers that you may have been a victim of fraud.

Call one of the following numbers:

Equifax: 514-493-2314 or 1-800-465-7166
TransUnion: 514-355-0374 or 1-877-713-3393

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