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For individuals

Government assistance programs and financial relief measures

Although we have established unprecedented measures in order to help you deal with this situation, such as the payment deferral program for a variety of loans you may hold at UNI, please know that there are government assistance programs and financial relief measures available to support you during this time.

Federal assistance programs

Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

As part of Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, a number of measures have been established in order to support so we encourage you to follow the development of these assistance measures on the Government of Canada's website in the COVID-19 Economic Response Plan section.

The Government of Canada is providing financial support to post-secondary students and recent secondary and post-secondary graduates who cannot find work because of COVID-19.

This benefit is intended for students who are not eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) or Employment Insurance.

Between May and August 2020, the CESB will provide eligible students with a payment of $1,250 for each four-week period or $2,000 for each four-week period if you have dependants or a disability.

Not enrolled in the CRA's direct deposit service? We encourage you to sign up now to receive the CESB as quickly as possible. Direct deposit is a fast, convenient and secure way to receive your CRA payments directly into your UNI account. Important: Setting up direct deposit is not an application for the CESB. You must apply for the CESB through the Government of Canada's website.

Need more information on the CESB? Visit the Government of Canada's website for further details.

The Government of Canada is offering a taxable benefit of $2,000 per month for up to four months (12 weeks).

This benefit will support workers and the self-employed who have to stop working because of COVID-19 and who do not have access to paid leave or any other form of income.

Do you want to apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit? Register for direct deposit now to receive the benefit as quickly as possible!

Direct deposit offers a fast, practical and secure way to receive your payments from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) directly into your UNI account.

Registering for CRA direct deposit does not register you for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit. You will need to apply directly through the CRA website.

Do you need more information on this program? See the Government of Canada's website for more information.

Please be sure to verify your information (birth date, Social Insurance Number, etc.) before submitting your application.

An additional $300 per child will be provided to eligible families as part of the May 2020 payment.

An extra $400 payment for single individuals and nearly $600 per couple will be paid between now and the beginning of May 2020 to low-and middle-income families.

The federal government has established the COVID-19 Economic Response Plan. As part of this plan, the minimum withdrawal from a RRIF for 2020 will be 75% of the minimum calculated on January 1, 2020 (former minimum).

This measure will avoid having RRIF holders liquidate the assets of their plans in order to meet minimum withdrawal requirements, considering the current state of the financial markets.

Your advisor can inform you of the current assistance measures available and identify solutions based on your needs.