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A line of credit is like a safety net that follows you everywhere: you don’t necessarily want to use it, but it’s there if you need it. It’s the ideal solution for all your financial needs so you can pursue your studies with peace of mind.

Whether your ambition is to become an artist, a veterinarian or a lawyer, we offer different lines of credit to suit any field of study for the full-time post-secondary student.

How much can you get?

Check the PDF to find out your credit limit based on your level of education and its duration. 


An umbrella in case of rain

The credit card is the perfect tool for simplifying a student’s life. As a payment method that’s accepted just about anywhere, it can prove handy provided that you limit yourself to what you can afford. It’s also a great way to build a solid credit history if you’re reasonable and meet your payment deadlines. We have a variety of cards, perfect for students.

Professional and college education

  • No annual fee
  • Interest rate: 19.9%
  • Personalized card image
  • Mobile Device Insurance
  • Cash advances of up to $2,500 per day anywhere in the world
  • Three days of travel insurance at no charge
  • Access to your account any time, anywhere, via AccèsD
  • Additional card at no charge for your spouse


The Cashback card
University, MBA, M.Sc.

  • No annual fee
  • Cashback of up to 1% on all purchases
  • Interest rate: 19.9%
  • Mobile Device Insurance
  • Three days of travel insurance at no charge
  • Discount of up to 10% on Hertz rentals anywhere in the world
  • Access to your account any time, anywhere, via AccèsD
  • Additional card at no charge for your spouse


ODYSSEY Gold card
*Specific professional fields

  • Comprehensive travel insurance of up to $5,000,000
  • Complimentary travel assistance 24/7
  • BONUSDOLLARS Rewards Program
  • Zero liability in the event of online fraud
  • No annual fee for the first three years (valued at $330) for students in medicine, dentistry or optometry
  • No annual fee for the first two years (valued at $220) for students in actuarial science, engineering, pharmacology, law, chiropractic medicine, veterinary medicine, podiatry or accounting (CPA)

*Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Pharmacy, Chiropractic , Veterinary medicine, Podiatry, Law, Engineering, Pharmacology, Actuarial studies, Accounting (CPA).


Reaching my dreams, my ambitions

Need a hand getting a little further? UNI Financial Cooperation offers the opportunity to earn a scholarship in the pursuit of your collegial or university studies. Financial aid that you don’t have to pay back is always welcome!


Scholarship recipients 2017 

Northeast Area
Megan Allain, Néguac
Corinne Anderson, Néguac
Younes Beghdali, Haut-Sheila
Monique Bertin, Laplante
François Brideau, Tilley Road
Audrey Isabel Chiasson, Caraquet
Jonathan Chiasson, Paquetville
Marie-Ève Chiasson, Bas-Caraquet
Marie-Pier Chiasson, Caraquet
Pascale Chiasson, Pointe-à-Bouleau
Pierre-Alexandre Chiasson Leblanc, Tilley Road
Véronique Chouinard, Tracadie-Sheila
Myriam Cormier, Caraquet
Sabrina Cormier, Pokesudie
Gabrielle DeGrâce, Petit-Rocher
Jonathan DeGrâce, Petit-Rocher
Janelle Downing, Saint-Léolin
Julie-Pier Downing, Lamèque
Jonathan Francoeur, Pont-Landry
Nicolas Guimont, Petit-Rocher
Catherine Haché, Shippagan
Hugo Hébert, Caraquet
Julie Hébert, Saint-Simon
Michelle Jean, Pointe-Canot
Christina Landry, Caraquet
Jane Lanteigne, Caraquet
Jessy Latouf, Caraquet
Michelle LeBlanc, Beresford
Xavier LeBlanc-Martin, Petit-Rocher
Anouk Le Bouthillier, Tracadie-Sheila
Véronique Mallais, Tracadie-Sheila
Catherine Mallet, Shippagan
Kelly Mallet, Shippagan
Emilie Mazerolle, Dunlop
Hugo McGraw, Shippagan
Fanny Plourde, Bas-Caraquet
Jérémie Robichaud, Tremblay
Jonathan Robichaud, Caraquet
Gabrielle Roussel, Beresford
Nadia Roussel, Rang-Saint-Georges
Sophie Rousselle, Tracadie-Sheila
David Savoie, Néguac
Hélène  Savoie, Néguac
Ariane Sonier, Tracadie-Sheila
Christine Sonier, Tracadie-Sheila
Jérémy Soucy, Beresford
Travis Strang, Néguac
Aurélie  Thériault, Caraquet
Alexcia Thibodeau, Brantville
Joseph D. Thibodeau, Lagacéville
Jenny Tremblay, Bathurst

Northwest Area
Maxime Akerley, Saint-Léonard
Marie-Eve Bard, Edmundston
Janelle  Barriault, Val-d'Amour
Erika Bérubé, Saint-Jacques
Émilie Bouchard, Saint-Basile
Danyka Boulay, Edmundston
David Chouinard, Saint-Quentin
Maud Chouinard, Saint-Quentin
Samuel Dubé, Saint-Quentin
Vincent Grondin, Saint-Jacques
Caroline Lajoie, Saint-Joseph-de-Madawaska
Pierre-Luc Lavoie, Saint-Basile
Monica Leclerc, Grand-Sault
Franceska Lepage, Balmoral
Brandon Marmen, Kedgwick
Stéphanie Marquis, Saint-Hilaire
Marie-Pier Martel, Eel River Crossing
Amélie Martin, Grand Falls
Vanessa Michaud, Campbellton
Vincent Michaud, Saint-Basile
Mélanie Migneault, Saint-Jacques
Zoé Neveu, Drummond
Alain Ouellette, Rivière-Verte
Samuel Pelletier, Saint-Jacques
Danika  Poitras, Grand-Sault
Véronic Ringuette, Edmundston
Sabrina Rivard, Saint-Quentin
Marie-Pier Roy, Dalhousie
Natacha Saint-Onge, Saint-Basile
Joannie Volpé, Saint-Jacques

Southeast Area
Daphné Albert, Cocagne
Jacob Arsenault, Mundleville
Dominic Bastarache, Saint-Grégoire
Isabelle Blais, Cocagne
Simon Boudreau, Memramcook
Karine Bourgeois, Grande-Digue
Melanie Burke, Shediac River
Shane Burke, Portage
Mylene Caissie, Dieppe
Noemie Chiasson, Sainte-Marie-de-Kent
Émilie Collette, Fredericton
Isabelle Collier, Shédiac
Courtney Cormier, Saint-Thomas-de-Kent
Samuel Cormier, Cocagne
Samuel Cormier, Saint-Antoine
Vickie-Pier Demers, Moncton
Dominique DesRosiers, Dieppe
Josée Doiron, Acadieville
Monica Doiron, Acadieville
Nadia Doiron, Acadieville
Janica Dugas, Baie-Sainte-Anne
Jolyne Dupuis-Cormier, Moncton
Michael El-Khoury, Fredericton
Tristian Gaudet, Dieppe
Alexie Goulet, Cocagne
Melyssa Haché Chiasson, Moncton
Damien LaRocque, Fredericton
Emilie LeBlanc, Haute-Aboujagane
Mathieu LeBlanc, Dieppe
Pier-Olivier Lebrasseur, Dieppe
Lynn Leger, Grand-Barachois
Renelle Legere, Dieppe
Marie-Eve Lessard, Dieppe
Mélanie Madore, Moncton
Marcia Maillet, Moncton
Abel Maury, Saint-Édouard
Jolene Mazerolle, Saint-Louis
Alexandre Mourant, Moncton
Alexandre Parks, Grande-Digue
Mathieu Perron-Cormier, Dieppe
Isabelle Richard, Moncton
Alex Robichaud, Lutes Mountain
Gabrielle Robichaud, Portage Saint-Louis
Dominique Soffee, New Maryland
Sidney Thebeau, Dieppe
Isabelle Thériault, Moncton
Marianne Thériault, Dieppe
Xavier Viel, Moncton
Marc-André Vienneau, Cap-Pelé


Congratulations to our scholarship recipients and continued success in your postsecondary studies!


Submit your application between January 15 and March 31.

How to apply

To apply, fill out the online form.

Be sure to have on hand all the information you need for application. Plan about five minutes to complete the form. It is not possible to save the form and come back to it later. When the application is completed, you will receive a confirmation of your submitted scholarship application.

Dates to remember

  • March 31 - End of application period
  • April - Scholarship draw
  • May – Unveiling of winners
  • Mid-September - Deadline for certification of registration
  • Mid-October - Scholarship payment

Contest eligibility criteria

The studend must be a member of UNI Financial Cooperation. 

The student must complete high school during the year and/or be enrolled in a full-time program at a postsecondary educational institution designated by the government for the current year.

Scholarships available

UNI Financial Cooperation gives annually more than $150,000 in scholarships, each worth $1,000.

For more information

Scholarships Program
UNI Financial Cooperation
295 Saint-Pierre Blvd. West
P.O. Box 5554
Caraquet NB E1W 1B7

Telephone: 506 726-4484 | 1 800 461-1318




Government grants to students

The Canadian government also offers different student grants that can be added to your other financing tools.

For more information on the aid available, click the following links:

Search for scholarships and bursaries

Government grants



Student loans

A student loan with favourable repayment terms can also be an invaluable aid. The financial assistance offered to students by the governments of Canada and New Brunswick give eligible residents of the province access to a post-secondary education and the ability to successfully complete their studies as quickly as possible.

For more information about student loans, visit the web pages dedicated to student financial assistance and student loans.


Pay yourself

Whether you’re a student or not, one of the best financial decisions you can make is to save. Even if you’re getting financial assistance in the form of a loan or bursary, it’s a good idea to limit your expenses and put money aside. The Folio Savings Account allows post-secondary students aged 18 to 25 to make regular transactions and accumulate savings.

  • NO-FEE account
  • Unlimited transaction plan
  • Access to your account any time, anywhere, via AccèsD

Are you a young worker? We have several plans to offer you, no matter your profile. Come and meet us. We can help you choose the one that suits you best.


Their future is also yours

The Folio Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) lets you easily save money to finance your children’s post-secondary education. It’s a great way to invest in their future! Not only does it entitle you to a grant, but it’s also extremely flexible: you can change your beneficiary at any time, choose the amount and frequency of the contributions, and maintain control of your capital.

Other advantages

  • No application fee
  • Investment revenue is non-taxable

For more information

Contact us by email
Make an appointment