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A new name and logo for our 80th year in operation

Last January, we announced that the new merged caisse would be accessible to its 155,000 members throughout the province. The President and CEO, Camille H. Thériault, also announced that a new identity would be unveiled after the caisses’ Congress. In conjunction with our 80th anniversary, we are announcing today that the Caisses populaires acadiennes will now be known as “UNI Financial Cooperation”.

This change is part of a coordinated and collaborative approach with our members, young and old, and our 1,000 employees who have supported us in this staunch willingness to modernize our image with the values that have proved to be successful for the Caisses populaires acadiennes.

We found out over the past few months that today’s young people consider these cooperative values as being modern. Collaboration, a sense of sharing, fairness, accessibility and universality are all key concerns for young people. Through their input in group discussions, they let us know what they want from our institution. They want a more modern approach without undermining the values that have proved successful for our financial cooperative.

As I have already indicated, the new merged caisse is not the end of an era. We are now operating as a single entity that aspires to become more prosperous and to make a greater contribution to its environment. It was imperative to introduce this change with a new, energized corporate identity inspired by our determination to satisfy the needs of our member-clients and the community. By wanting to become more intergenerational, we are putting our words into actions and taking a new direction”, says Camille H. Thériault, President and CEO.  


On May 30, 2016, the name of the Caisses will change

UNI is a simple word that expresses the belief that New Brunswicker’s future rests more than ever on joining their strengths. The simplicity of the name expresses humility in strength, the humility of an identity that does not have to prove its financial strength. It also expresses the power of conviction of an identity united through a major project focused on individual and collective assets growth in the province, based on sharing and collaboration efforts.

On May 30, 2016, the logo of the Caisses will change

The new logo will keep its shining Acadian star, which will keep guiding the destiny of Acadians for years to come. It now has four other colors, ranging from blue to green, which harmoniously blend together to depict the diversity of our province and of its people who bring it to life.

On May 30, 2016, the descriptor of the Caisses will change

The descriptor “Financial Cooperation” can be found under the word UNI. It specifies the scope of intervention of the identity and its philosophy. In fact, UNI is not a bank: it uses sharing and collaboration to drive growth.

On May 30, the orientation of the Caisses will change

This orientation will be expressed through a new story to be shared. This story was brought about by the Acadians’ willingness to take charge of their own destiny. This story originates from the dream of a handful of visionaries who helped foster the Acadian spirit: proud, entrepreneur, combative and cooperative.

This rich story is based on a distinctive point of view, a firm belief that true wealth is one that is shared. This story has a human and modern purpose: to inspire, support and fund projects born from collaboration. We will become the shooting star of this collaboration effort, which will, more than ever, contribute to the development of our province’s individual and collective assets.

Progressive changes

Tomorrow, we will unveil the new name and logo to the media. The migration to this new identity in physical locations will be phased in over the next few years according to an implementation plan. As we explained last January, even if we are adopting a new identity for the Caisse populaire acadienne, it will be modernized by becoming UNI Financial Cooperation.

About UNI Financial Cooperation

Since 1936, UNI Financial Cooperation has been the most important Acadian financial institution, armed with its $3.7 billion in assets and its 1,000 employees. Thus, every day, the institution strives to inspire, support and fund the individual and collective assets of New Brunswickers. UNI Financial Cooperation is the only French Acadian financial institution entirely dedicated to the province’s prosperity. For more information, go to



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