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Accessible from everywhere: the new merged caisse continues to evolve

Since early January, the new merged caisse’s 155,000 members have access to its services from everywhere in the province to manage their finances. As it is now accessible from its 51 business locations, we have followed through on our first commitment, which was to allow our members to be recognized, regardless of their original caisse. It goes without saying that this transformation has brought along some changes, namely to hours of operation, in order to accommodate more accessible advisory services.

“More than a year after getting a clear mandate from our members to proceed with a merged structure, we are aware that a lot of work remains to be done. However, the merged caisse is not the end of a process, but rather the start of a daring approach to evolve with the market and remain relevant for future generations. To do so, we need to offer innovative services and transform our image under a new corporate name,” said President and CEO Camille H. Thériault.

We have the confidence and the courage to modernise ourselves by becoming a new entity. To do so, we prepared a plan that will guide us in realizing this important project, which will enter a new phase this year. Indeed, we are the first financial co-operative to apply to become federally regulated. It is important to note that this phase will give us the financial means required to transform the face of Acadian society like no other New Brunswick institution has ever done before. 

Our plan has six major priorities:

  • New image
  • Customer experience
  • Access to services 
  • Organizational culture
  • Services offered
  • Co-operative structure

It is important for us to keep tailoring our project to better serve our current and future members while re-examining what we have achieved so far to establish a financial co-operative that is more intergenerational than ever. “Since it is very important to develop our business activities with young people, a crucial segment of our customer base, to guarantee the continuity of our institution, we believe it is essential to reflect this approach even more by redefining our corporate identity,” added the President and CEO.

We are listening and consultation is extremely important to us, even though it can sometimes lead to criticism. It was with this in mind that the bridging project has been handled, with the support of our members.

As our plan and its priorities will attest, a process has been established to guide us towards a new image that will capture the essence of the new entity being created. There are several more steps to be completed before forwarding it to the institution’s decision-making executives. To that end, an announcement validating our approach will be made at the annual general meeting, to be held next April in Moncton. We would be remiss not to once again commend our leaders for their wisdom and their visionary spirit and for having the courage to undertake this important bridging project, allowing us to continue fulfilling the mission entrusted to us by our predecessors.

About the Caisses populaires acadiennes

The Caisses populaires acadiennes exist since 1936. This is the largest Acadian financial institution in New Brunswick.  With global assets totaling more than $3.5 billion, this network is represented by 51 business locations across New Brunswick. More than 1,000 employees and 200 elected officers make up the backbone of the organization. For more details, visit our website at


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