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UNI unveils its vision of the future

Everything is changing ever more rapidly. Technological revolutions keep coming at a pace never seen before, forcing every industry to reinvent itself. One thing is certain: the financial world will not escape this reality.

To illustrate the scope of the transformation, UNI has released some numbers during its general meeting. Nearly 80% of transactions done today are made digitally rather than at the traditional counter and our clients who still do go to the counter only do so 13 times a year on average. Our services must therefore adapt to these new consumer habits that affect the entire industry.

UNI’s business locations network must necessarily adapt and it is in this spirit of renewal that the prototype of the next business location was unveiled under the tentative name UNILAB, an experimental space that is beyond the traditional business model. 

CEO Robert Moreau tells us about his business vision: “In a context where almost everything can be done online, the future of our business and the sustainability of our cooperative will be achieved through the quality of our client support. The business location of tomorrow must reflect this new reality which, when you think of it, brings us back to the heart of what we love to do more than anything: providing customized advice in the management of our clients’ wealth, from grade school to retirement, from the idea to the business.”

In order to better reflect this inevitable drop in counter traffic, we will implement a modernization project that will meet the needs of our members. UNI will consolidate certain under-used spaces with other busier business locations. In the next months, 12 business locations will therefore be closed. The affected clientele will receive a personalized letter 4 to 6 months before the effective closure of that location. Moreover, UNI will provide support for its clients and will ensure a fluid transition with the affected communities.

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